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We are grateful for your interest in contributing to the Kindred Mom community. This collaborative blog and podcast are quiet offerings in a noisy world, curated with the primary goal of encouraging moms through personal and family challenges with wisdom and intention. 

We feature writing from mothers with all different mothering experiences including married moms, single moms, adoptive moms, step-moms, ethnically diverse moms, and moms of children with special needs/unique challenges. New writers are always welcome! 

General Information

Essays for the following month’s featured topic are due on the 10th of every month. We seek original essays for inclusion on our blog, and we request 30 days exclusivity from the date of publication. We reserve the right to decline essays that don’t fit with our curated series. All submissions are offered by writers on a voluntary basis, and we make every effort to promote featured pieces to the furthest extent of our social reach. We are unable to offer financial compensation for featured essays.

Themes & Deadlines:

Fall 2019 ~ Celebrating Motherhood Series

  • September 2019 (due Aug. 10): It Takes a Village – On connection, friendship, support, and community

  • October 2019 (due Sept. 10): The Surprises of Motherhood – Any surprises you have encountered in motherhood…bonus points for funny ones!

  • November 2019 (due Oct. 10): A Humble Life – The beautiful ordinary and the humbling moments of motherhood

Winter 2020 ~ Peaceful Home Series

**Please note all Winter 2020 / Peaceful Home Series essays will be due for consideration by November 1, 2019. Our editorial cycle is moving from away from monthly deadlines to a quarterly deadline for the upcoming season. You’re welcome to submit more than one piece for consideration!

  • January 2020: Peaceful Home: Living Spaces –  Physical clutter, organization, simplicity, managing a home, multitasking, home goals

  • February 2020: Peaceful Home: Family Relationships – Marriage, siblings, parent-child connection, care for elderly parents, in-law relationships, family quirks & traditions, conflict resolution, big emotions & emotional regulation, toddler tantrums, healthy boundaries

  • March 2020: Peaceful Home: Margin/Soul Care – Mental clutter, routines, rest, margin, realistic personal goals, wholeness, healing from difficult seasons/events, soul care


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