Self-Care for Moms – Jan 2018

Self-Care for Moms

Many moms struggle to make self-care a regular part of their lives. This series is a humble offering of essays and podcast episodes centered around this topic. We hope it is an encouragement to you!


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#30 – Self-Care For Moms featuring Charissa Pomrehn (Self-Care Coach for Moms)
“In this episode, Emily Allen hosts two (related) conversations about Self-care for Moms, the January series on The first segment is with two moms on her Vision Team (Lynne Patti, and Jennifer Van Winkle) and covers defining self-care and what it looks like in their lives, and the second segment features Vision Team member Sarah Allard and special guest Charissa Pomrehn, a professional self-care coach for moms.”

#31 – The Proactive Pursuit of Wellness featuring Marilynn Song Harri (Mama of 5 with an inspiring fitness transformation) and Emily Green (Mama of 3, breast cancer survivor, and proponent of sustainable self-care habits)


Starting a Self-Care Conversation – by Emily Sue Allen (Kindred Mom Founder)
“I want to ask you to re-examine the role of self-care in your life; what it has looked like up to this point, and what it could look like going forward. This call is not meant to be an ideal foisted upon already-weary moms, but my hope is this series—this conversation—will help you identify the cycles and habits in your life that are not serving you or your family well. My hope is that you might emerge with a new or renewed perspective about how worthy you are of being nourished and rested.”

Rock in the River – by Jennifer Van Winkle (Kindred Mom Team)
“Guilt and her sinister truth-lies visit me every year. The successes, challenges, and triumphs constituting a year of my life, my journey, are undone with one turn of a calendar page. For me, January is a time filled with an urge to hustle to outrun guilt. I feel pressure to change to find happiness or fulfillment or something elusive and harder to define. “

Permission to Joy Ride: Soul Care for Moms – by Rebecca Radicchi
“It might feel silly, or wasteful, to let your soul take a mini joy ride, but consider it just as important as exercise and healthy eating. When we attend to our souls, the whole family feels it.”

Reclaiming Myself in the Midst of Motherhood – by Jen Fletcher
“Growing tiny humans to be contributing members of society is filled with purpose. It is a wonderful thing to be a mother, but the trouble comes when it’s the only thing. It became clear to me when my first two kids were past the toddler stage that my purpose for 5 years had been motherhood alone. I had lost my identity in the middle of toddlerhood.”

Learning How to Breathe as a New Mom – by Lynne Patti (Kindred Mom Team)
“I am drowning-in laundry, dirty dishes, sleeplessness, and similarly–in negative self-talk that tells me I should be ‘further along’ than this at 2 months postpartum. I assumed it would be easy to bounce back from a cataclysmic life change like having a baby, but here I am, gasping for breath while my baby cries for me. I wonder where the light has gone.”

Growing Compassion for My Body – by Robin Chapman
“I’ve fought with my body for my entire life. I’ve hated it for most of that. In the last few years, I thought we’d come to an understanding, my body and I. I would no longer punish her with exercise and restrictive eating- they’ve never been effective for me anyway. Instead, I’d be kind. I’d move her in ways that felt good, feed her nourishing food. She would keep schlepping me around, and I’d stop glaring at her.”

Transformation Series, Part 1: Find Your Worth, Part 2: Discover Your Strength, Part 3: Stay the Course – by Marilynn Song Harri
“I remember vividly what it was like to wish for change, but feel helplessly unmotivated–too exhausted to do anything other than survive. Resigned to basically feel like frump-girl forever, I wallowed in plates of cookies and Netflix binges, and tried to put my focus on raising my children and putting semi-balanced meals on the table. At least I can cook, I reasoned. I struggled to justify my shortcomings in the areas of fitness and self-care and held on for dear life to all the things that brought validation.”

Why Fitness is Easier to Foster in Community – by Dorina Lazo Gilmore
“I learned that the sacrifice of a mother is emotional, mental and physical. There was a huge learning curve ahead of me. As a former athlete and working woman, spending hours in a glider feeding my new baby girl was more difficult than I expected. Not only did I feel relegated to the chair, but I also had to reckon with my broken and bruised body.”

Breaking Up with My Closet – by Megan Ericson
“I still didn’t feel ready for a small, curated capsule wardrobe, but I was tired of the emotional wasteland that had become my closet. It was shoved full of clothing from when I was a working mom, from before baby, from several dress sizes ago. I was tired of looking at clothing that didn’t feel like ‘me’ anymore. In desperation, I decided I needed to live with less.”

Holding Space for My Soul – by Helen Gentry
“Life isn’t meant to be a duty; it’s meant to be a delight. We need, as Howard Thurman writes, to stop asking what the world needs. Instead, we each must ‘Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.’ What our families really need, but can’t express to us, is a mother and a wife who has truly come alive. But please don’t do it just for them. Do it for you—for the one and only precious, wild and beautiful you.”

Make a Habit of Breathing – by Sarah Frazer.
“The tension of motherhood, exhaustion, and expectations will release in some way or another. Too many times I’ve found myself losing my temper because of the tension. Tears and tantrums from both mommy and child are sure to ensue. Self-care, or soul-care, won’t magically happen.

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