Writers in Residence

Applications are now closed for our Spring 2019 Writers in Residence cohort.

From the beginning, the Kindred Mom blog has featured the writing of mothers from a variety of backgrounds, and we have loved the diversity and perspectives of the many moms who have contributed to our community. Each season, we select a small group of writers to be part of our work behind-the-scenes and to help shape the content of the upcoming series topics. This allows us to partner with writers who have a particular perspective or experience related to the topics we explore as a community to best serve our readers and listeners. It also gives us an opportunity to introduce our readers and listeners to the meaningful projects our Writers in Residence pour their hearts into.

Writers in Residence demonstrate high-quality writing, a distinct vision for capturing a unique and hopeful angle on motherhood challenges and experiences, and champion the core values of Kindred Mom. Writers in Residence are thoughtfully selected after an application and interview process.

>  Updated information about the application process for our next cohort will be released in the spring! Until then, please consider submitting an essay for our spring series topics. Click here for more details.