Prayers For Moms

**We are currently closed to new submissions for this project. Thanks so much for your interest!

Welcome, Writers!

We are planning a coordinated effort to pray for moms over on Instagram during the month of May, and would love to invite you to be part of it! If you have a heart for prayer and a knack for writing, our team is receiving Instagram Prayers to post throughout the month in specific narrow categories. We’re covering the following categories, and are open to more/other ones if you have any to suggest. Feel free to submit more than one entry if you have inspiration.

  • Moms with an extra-heavy load
  • Moms who worry about their children
  • Moms who are essential workers
  • Moms experiencing financial hardship
  • Moms navigating a difficult relationship
  • Moms who are experiencing anxiety
  • Moms who deal with chronic illness
  • Moms who have experienced pregnancy loss
  • Moms who have lost one or both parents
  • Moms who are parenting solo
  • Moms who feel alone
  • Moms who haven’t slept in days, weeks, years
  • Moms who haven’t had a hot cup of coffe all week year
  • Moms who can’t imagine the end of toddler tantrums
  • Moms who are giving birth during a pandemic
  • Moms who feel overwhelmed
  • Moms who are fresh out of meal inspiration
  • Moms who can’t handle one more sibling squabble
  • Moms who need a nap
  • Moms who struggle to love their postpartum bodies
  • Any other ideas you can come up with!

In order to submit for this special project, please follow the format provided below and paste the whole entry (hashtags included) into the submission form below. Prayers should be 150-350 words. We may choose to edit some entries at our discretion, and depending on the number of responses, we may not be able to include every submission. We are glad to receive photos to accompany the prayer, but the paired image(s) will ultimately be up to our Social Media Director. Thanks so much for your interest in contributing to this project! Direct any specific questions to Emily Sue Allen – hello [at] kindredmom [dot] com.


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A prayer for moms who __(fill in the blank)__ by @(fill in your IG handle)

[ your prayer for that specific group of moms ]