Podcast Submissions

Pitch an Idea / Nominate a Guest

Kindred Mom is currently receiving pitches and nominations for the Winter 2020 season of the Kindred Mom Podcast. If you would like to pitch an idea or nominate a guest, please fill out the following form with all the details. The deadline for response is October 1, 2019. We will be contacting potential guests in October as we plan the episodes and schedule recording times.

Winter 2020 ~ Peaceful Home Series

  • January 2020: Peaceful Home: Living Spaces –  Physical clutter, organization, simplicity, managing a home, multitasking, home goals

  • February 2020: Peaceful Home: Family Relationships – Marriage, siblings, parent-child connection, care for elderly parents, in-law relationships, family quirks & traditions, conflict resolution, big emotions & emotional regulation, toddler tantrums, healthy boundaries

  • March 2020: Peaceful Home: Margin/Soul Care – Mental clutter, routines, rest, margin, realistic personal goals, wholeness, healing from difficult seasons/events, soul care

Please note, we may not be able to respond to every submission. Thanks for your patience!