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Episode 42 – A Vision For Home with Marilynn Song Harri and Sarah Allard
“This episode is about developing a personal vision for home and includes a preview of September’s topic:  Life Around the Table. On the first half of the show, Lindsey Cornett talks with host Emily Sue Allen about meal-planning, being in the kitchen, and introducing the fall Kindred Mom Writers in Residence. Then, Sarah Allard and Marilynn Song Harri jump in for a conversation about how moms can pursue cultivating a peaceful home.” 


A Sweet Welcome – by Lindsey Cornett
“There are a million ways to welcome: a paper invitation, a text message with a date and time, an open front door, an extra seat at the table. But there is also this: making space for the preferences and desires of another, choosing to recognize someone’s differences and acknowledge them as worthy of a place at the table.”


An Unlikely Sacred Space – by Emily Sue Allen
“What does it really mean for something to be sacred? I don’t have any fancy or technical definitions to throw out there, but simply stated, I identify sacred spaces as ones where my heart is changed; transformed from a heaviness, a broken, run-down, discouraged state to something lighter, something different. I may arrive at the sink reluctantly, but as I do what needs to be done, pause within my heart to hear God’s voice, I breathe in grace, renewal, and new perspective about who I am, what I’m doing, and why I’m doing it.”


How To Make Suppertime Work For Your Family – by Patty Scott
“Over the years, America has left the table. My family, unfortunately, followed suit. Like many of our friends, we have gravitated towards ball fields, dance studios, or other outside involvements. Events for our children often start at 5:30 or 6:00 many nights each week. We allowed the habit of breaking bread together to become less frequent. By necessity, drive through often replaced sit down.”

Episode 43 – Life Around the Table with Lynne Patti, Robin Chapman, and Patty Scott
This episode launches into September’s topic—Life Around the Table—with conversations about practical things to help get food on the table in the midst of busy family life, as well as how to navigate hospitality when you have little ones underfoot. On the first half of the show, Lynne Patti and Robin Chapman talk with host Emily Sue Allen about family meals in their homes. The second half of the show features Patty Scott, mama of two and author of Slow Down, Mama (Amazon Affiliate link).


The Table on the Go: Grace When It’s Needed Most – by Tori Rask
“My precious friend, a mom of two little girls about the same age as my kids, had been diagnosed with breast cancer. First, I hit my knees. I pleaded with God to flood her body with healing and for the peace that passes understanding to flood their house. Then, I hit the kitchen. Hands flying, pots and pans clattering. Chopping, stirring, sauteeing on pure instinct. I felt powerless to help her, but people have to eat, and food is something I could do for her family. It’s a rhythm I learned from my mom: when the going gets tough, we get to cooking.”


Lessons From a Restricted Diet – by Robin Chapman
“With one doctor’s appointment, our simple dinner routine turned upside down. I had some health concerns, so my doctor prescribed a super restricted diet. It was annoyingly nonstandard for me. I had about eighteen ingredients to work with at the beginning. Beets. Carrots. Kale. Chia seeds? What am I supposed to do with those?!? It would be hard, but I was willing to put in the effort for a chance to feel better. I set myself up carefully. The day before I started, I spent hours making meals from the provided recipes and chopping vegetables to have on hand. I congratulated myself on my preparedness and perfect game plan.”


Savoring Time Around the Table – by Dorina Lazo Gilmore
“We have a multicultural family, and my kids share my love for all kinds of ethnic foods. On a given day, we could be chopping vegetables for Filipino pancit, measuring spices for Indian butter chicken, sautéing Chinese fried rice or baking our favorite salted caramel chocolate chip cookies. We love to play with ingredients and make a mess.”


Just Eat Something – by Rebekah Crosby
“I don’t worry too much about their current aversions or preferences—after all, there was a season when my favorite sandwich was Miracle Whip on Wonder bread. Deep down, I just want them to eat something, to be filled, to be nourished, to grow, to recognize the gift of groceries and to be grateful for the food on their plate. And I want them to at least stay open-minded to trying new things, even if that bite gets spit into a napkin from time to time.”


The Perfect Sized Table – by Lynne Hartke
“I like the hustle and bustle of a table full of food and conversation—like my mother and grandmother before me—but in a flash of insight, I realize my memories are not the entire story. Because I lived halfway across the continent, my trips home to my parents coincided with holidays, special events, and family reunions. My memories centered around an extended table, but weeks and months would have stretched by for my mom and grandmother when the table was small, and they ate with only their husbands in a quiet kitchen.”


Episode 44 – Deepening Connection Around the Table with Jenni Van Winkle, Corey Wheeland, and Misty Phillip
This episode continues the conversation about deepening connection with your family during mealtimes, what is and isn’t really the most important thing when it comes to meals, and thoughts on what it looks like to disciple kids at the kitchen table from guest Misty Phillip.


When Feeding is Frustrating – Kelsie Crozier
“Feeding my children has been one of the most humbling and surprising and frustrating parts of motherhood for me thus far, but with patience, tenacity, and staying engaged with the aspects of mealtime I am personally responsible for, we have found our way through the challenges. I have to remind myself constantly that eating is a learned skill that takes time and practice to master.”


Come Sit Next To Me – by Corey Wheeland
“I slide into the booth bench, but I don’t stop in the middle. I make my way toward the end, knowing what will happen next: Zoey hops up beside me, reaches across the table to turn her place setting around, and then finally settles down next to me, into the place she has rightfully claimed as her own. We spend our meal curved against one another, our conversation and giggles filling in the space around us with love and letting the rest of the world fade away.”