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This series is currently unfolding, so this page will be updated throughout the month as we’re rolling out the thoughtfully-created content on this topic. Right now you can check out:

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Episode 42 – A Vision For Home with Marilynn Song Harri and Sarah Allard
“This episode is about developing a personal vision for home and includes a preview of September’s topic:  Life Around the Table. On the first half of the show, Lindsey Cornett talks with host Emily Sue Allen about meal-planning, being in the kitchen, and introducing the fall Kindred Mom Writers in Residence. Then, Sarah Allard and Marilynn Song Harri jump in for a conversation about how moms can pursue cultivating a peaceful home.”  

A Sweet Welcome – by Lindsey Cornett
“There are a million ways to welcome: a paper invitation, a text message with a date and time, an open front door, an extra seat at the table. But there is also this: making space for the preferences and desires of another, choosing to recognize someone’s differences and acknowledge them as worthy of a place at the table.”

An Unlikely Sacred Space – by Emily Sue Allen
“What does it really mean for something to be sacred? I don’t have any fancy or technical definitions to throw out there, but simply stated, I identify sacred spaces as ones where my heart is changed; transformed from a heaviness, a broken, run-down, discouraged state to something lighter, something different. I may arrive at the sink reluctantly, but as I do what needs to be done, pause within my heart to hear God’s voice, I breathe in grace, renewal, and new perspective about who I am, what I’m doing, and why I’m doing it.”

Episode 43 – Life Around the Table with Lynne Patti, Robin Chapman, and Patty Scott
This episode launches into September’s topic—Life Around the Table—with conversations about practical things to help get food on the table in the midst of busy family life, as well as how to navigate hospitality when you have little ones underfoot. On the first half of the show, Lynne Patti and Robin Chapman talk with host Emily Sue Allen about family meals in their homes. The second half of the show features Patty Scott, mama of two and author of Slow Down, Mama (Amazon Affiliate link).

There is a lot more wonderful stuff to come! Stay tuned!