Instagram Submission Form

Welcome, Writers!

We are planning a coordinated effort to encourage and pray for moms on social media (primarily Instagram) throughout 2021, and would love to include motherhood reflections and written prayers from our community.

General guidelines: Submissions must be your own work, unpublished on other websites or accounts that are not your own. We welcome entries or excerpts of writing you’ve previously shared on your own blog or your own social media spaces! We may choose to edit or omit some entries at our discretion, and may share them in IG Stories, our main IG feed, or the Kindred Mom Facebook page–always with attribution to the writer.

Motherhood reflections should be fewer than 350 words and should be story-driven with an approachable and warm writing voice.

Prayers should be 100-300 words, and reflect artful, honest, specific (vs generic), and uplifting content.

Please proofread your entry before submitting! Submission does not guarantee publication. If you do not receive a response or tag within 3 months of submission, assume we are unable to share your entry and feel free to share it elsewhere.

Including images is completely optional, and every image must adhere to our guidelines (the image must be captured by you/your family personally, and may only include your own minor/dependent children if people are pictured). Please do not send professional images taken by someone else, and do not submit stock images from any source. Images will be used at our discretion. We would LOVE to see photos of you as a mom–pregnant bellies, new babies, on adventures with your all-age kids, epic messes, fun activities, etc. We also love photos of flowers, foliage, and nature like the ones you see throughout the Kindred Mom website. Photos in color are preferred!

Thanks so much for your interest in encouraging moms alongside us. Due to the potential volume of responses, we will not be directly in communication about every entry and when it might be posted, but you’ll be tagged! Direct any specific questions to Emily Sue Allen – hello [at] kindredmom [dot] com.


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