Family Culture – April 2018

Intentionally Cultivating Your Family Culture

This series is an exploration about family dynamics and the culture created within a home. Moms have considerable influence regarding a family’s culture and we hope the following essays and podcast episodes help you think about how you can make an intentional investment to help shape your family’s habits and values.



#37 – Intentionally Cultivating Your Family Culture featuring Lora Cook & members of the KM team
“In this episode, Emily Allen hosts conversations about intentionally cultivating family culture including how to evaluate where you’re at as a family, navigating sibling conflict, and she chats with special guest Lora Cook, experienced mom of 11 children who shares wisdom about how to invest thoughtfully in your family unit.”

#38 – Every Screen Tells a Story featuring Christie Thomas & members of the KM team
“In this episode, Emily Allen hosts conversations about how every screen tells a story within a family’s home and how to make intentional choices regarding screen use so the whole family’s benefit. Guest Christie Thomas offers insight into helping kids develop wisdom around this subject.”


Love (and Life) in a Fishbowl – Emily Sue Allen
“Intentionally cultivating your family culture is ultimately about defining your family values—thinking about them and talking about them—and making decisions that consistently enflesh them.”

The Choice Between a House and a Home – Curry Winters
“Creating a home requires limiting activities so we can cultivate the relationships that dwell there.  I use timers to put time restraints on how long we will do certain tasks, so the kids know when I am working and when I can play. On paper, I can make any hectic, overfilled schedule possible, but in reality, I get distracted. Setting expectations minimizes conflict.”

Count On Me – Lindsey Cornett
“I want him to know that no matter how he feels–even if it’s hot anger directed at me–I will not run away. I am not scared of his big feelings, his disappointments, his anger, or his sadness. I believe a child most needs to lean on the love and compassion of a family when they are angry, disappointed, or scared. I know life’s twists and turns will ask us to count on one another, again and again.”

Hope for My Haphazard Family – Alex Davies
“I’m starting to realize that we really do have a bonafide family culture, relaxed and unplanned as it may be. The closer I look, the more steady, healthy habits I find that already exist and make me grateful. So if there’s anything I want to be more intentional about these days, it’s intentional gratitude. Taking the time to stop and smell the roses of what we are getting right and what I enjoy about my family’s imperfect personality. Stopping to be thankful for us and kinder to us. Stopping to point out what my family does well and how we can build on those traits instead of nit-picking at our failings and our low energy evenings.”

Screen Time Seasons – Robin Chapman
“My use of screens allows me rest and margin so I can be kind to my family and show up more fully during the rest of the day, so it deserves a place in my schedule. I carry so much shame and guilt when I use electronics as a babysitter, but when I consider them tools, like a hammer or a whisk, they lose the power to shame me. Tools can be used for good or harm, but they don’t, on their own, imply anything about the value of me or my parenting. I’m giving myself the freedom to use them—or not—however best serves my family.”

Loving Beyond the Family – Sarah Caprye
“Our family is not holed up in a fortress, built with the intention to keep others out like we’re defending against an assaulting army. Our family unit is surrounded by something more like a permeable membrane. (Remember science class? A cell with a permeable membrane allows selected things to pass through its walls, while still providing security and protection for all that is within.) We are a family that allows others in. And we are a family that reaches out.”

Popcorn and Movies – Jennifer Van Winkle
“I would have never thought a regular family movie night would become a sacred time to me. We just sit together on the couch, watching a screen spew forth entertainment, but this weekly ritual brings us together, in the same room, focused on the same thing, smiling, which is no small task.”

Measuring Experiences By Wonder Rather Than Mileage – Annie Rim
“I’ve been thinking about other passions of mine I want to pass along to my kids. How am I starting out slow and modeling wonder? How am I modifying my expectations and keeping the experience playful? As they show interest in science or art, we seek out activities at our local museums and libraries. I don’t know what will stick, but I want them to feel empowered to explore and to look at life in wonder.”




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