Encouragement from 2018

>> January: Self-Care for Moms <<

Starting a Self-Care Conversation — by Emily Sue Allen
Rock in the River — by Jennifer Van Winkle
Permission to Joy Ride: Soul Care for Moms — by Rebecca Radicchi
Reclaiming Myself in the Midst of Motherhood — by Jen Fletcher
Learning How to Breathe as a New Mom — by Lynne Patti
Growing Compassion for My Body — by Robin Chapman
Transformation Series, Part 1: Find Your Worth, Part 2: Discover Your StrengthPart 3: Stay the Course — by Marilynn Song Harri
Why Fitness is Easier to Foster in Community — by Dorina Lazo Gilmore
Breaking Up with My Closet — by Megan Ericson
Holding Space for My Soul — by Helen Gentry
Make a Habit of Breathing — by Sarah Frazer

>> Podcasts released in January:

Episode 30 //Self-Care For Moms — featuring Charissa Pomrehn
In this episode, Emily Allen hosts two (related) conversations about Self-care for Moms, the January series on Kindred Mom. The first segment is with two moms on her Vision Team (Lynne Patti, and Jennifer Van Winkle) and covers defining self-care and what it looks like in their lives, and the second segment features Vision Team member Sarah Allard and special guest Charissa Pomrehn, a professional self-care coach for moms.

Episode 31 //The Proactive Pursuit of Wellness — featuring Emily Green
In this episode, Emily Allen hosts two (related) conversations about the Proactive Pursuit of Wellness, to add to the January series. The first segment features Marilynn Song Harri (Mama of 5 with an inspiring fitness transformation) and the second segment includes Emily Green (Mama of 3, breast cancer survivor, and proponent of sustainable self-care habits) and both talk about their own fitness and wellness journeys.


>> February: Love <<

Invitation to Love: A Series about Loving Well as a Wife and Mom — Emily Allen & Jennifer Van Winkle
Tending a Marriage — Robin Chapman
The Soundtrack of a Marriage — Lindsey Cornett
Go Get Him, Tiger — Jennifer Van Winkle
How to Become the Most Unlikeable Mother in the Room — Noelle Rhodes
To My Strong-Willed Son — Carrie Usmar
Love in the Time of Twins — Michelle Gee

>> Podcast episodes released in February:

Episode 32 // Loving Well as a Mom — featuring Kat Lee
In this episode, Emily Allen hosts conversations about Loving Well as a Mom with special guest, Kat Lee (author of Hello Mornings and one of the hosts of the Hello Mornings Podcast.) This episode is full of perspective and practical advice about how to love your children well.

Episode 33 //Loving Well as a Wife — featuring Ann Hinman
In this episode, Emily Allen hosts conversations about Loving Well as a Wife with special guest, Ann Hinman (Pastor’s wife & mom of 3 grown children.) This episode is full of perspective and practical advice about how to invest in your marriage for the long haul, especially with kids in the mix.

Episode 34 // Loving Well by Setting Limits — featuring Noelle Rhodes
In this episode, Emily Allen hosts conversations about Loving Well by Setting Limits with special guest, Noelle Rhodes (Writer & Host of the Friending Podcast.) This episode discusses why limits and boundaries are an important part of loving our families well.


>> March: Resilience <<

Dare to Dance — Mary Kate Brown
When Resilience Feels Like Floundering — Emily Sue Allen
Strong and Brave — Lindsey Cornett
Poop Mountain — Jennifer Van Winkle
When Your Anger Frightens You — Adriel Booker
Cultivating Rhythms of Resilience — Sarah Damaska
Daily Resilience Toolkit — Robin Chapman
A Grief Experienced — Lynne Patti

>> Podcast episodes released in March:

Episode 35 // Becoming a Resilient Mom — featuring Mary Kate Brown
In this episode, Emily Allen hosts two conversations about what resilience looks like and why becoming a resilient mom is important. On the team segment, members of the KM team discuss their current struggles as moms, and how to re-set a difficult day with kids. Special guest Mary Kate Brown shares her journey dealing with significant health issues while mothering little ones, and how she became resilient through the process.

Episode 36 // Dealing With Big Feelings as a Mom — featuring Adriel Booker
This episode is about learning how to dealing with big feelings in a healthy way. The first conversation is a group discussion about what it looks like to navigate emotions sensibly, and the second half of the show features Adriel Booker sharing about how she has personally navigated anger and grief.

>> April: Family Culture <<

Love (and Life) in a Fishbowl — Emily Sue Allen
The Choice Between a House and a Home — Curry Winters
Count On Me — Lindsey Cornett
Hope for My Haphazard Family — Alex Davies
Screen Time Seasons — Robin Chapman
Loving Beyond the Family — Sarah Caprye
Popcorn and Movies — Jennifer Van Winkle
Measuring Experiences By Wonder Rather Than Mileage — Annie Rim

>> Podcast episodes released in April:

Episode 37 // Intentionally Cultivating Your Family Culture — featuring Lora Cook
In this episode, Emily Allen hosts conversations about intentionally cultivating family culture including how to evaluate where you’re at as a family, navigating sibling conflict, and she chats with special guest Lora Cook, experienced mom of 11 children who shares wisdom about how to invest thoughtfully in your family unit.

Episode 38 // Every Screen Tells a Story — featuring Christie Thomas
In this episode, Emily Allen hosts conversations about how every screen tells a story within a family’s home and how to make intentional choices regarding screen use so the whole family’s benefit. Guest Christie Thomas offers insight into helping kids develop wisdom around this subject.


>> May: Cherishing Childhood <<

The Tooth Fairy Chronicles — Rebekah Crosby
Say Yes to the Mess — Jenni Van Winkle
Building Memories — Vicki Bentley
Grace Comes Quiet — Emily Sue Allen
Better Than The Perfect Picture — Katie Nguyen
Letting Go of Loving Motherhood — Robin Chapman
Something Sweet — Kelsi Roberts
Long Distance Love — Melissa Forbes

>> Podcast episodes released in May:

Episode 39 // Cherishing Childhood — featuring Lindsey Cornett
Emily Allen hosts Jennifer Van Winkle & Lindsey Cornett for a conversation on Cherishing Childhood, the May monthly theme on Kindred Mom. As the newest member of the KM team, Lindsey shares about her monthly newsletter and her enthusiasm regarding serving as a Kindred Mom team member.

Episode 40 // Letting Go of Loving Motherhood —  featuring Robin Chapman
Emily Allen hosts Robin Chapman for a conversation on Letting Go of Loving Motherhood. As a new member of the KM team, Robin shares about her struggle to reclaim her health after a long season of pregnancy and nursing, and how she leans hard on the grace of God as she bumbles through motherhood.

>> August <<

Simple Family Tradition: Fire Pit Night — Ashley Bartley
A Letter To My Sons at the End of Summer — Carrie Curry
A Tale of Five Cookies — by Jennifer Van Winkle

>> Podcast episodes released in August:

041 // Finding Balance Through Family Transitions — featuring Sandy Cooper
In the first episode back after a long summer break, Emily Sue Allen chats with Jenni Van Winkle and Lynne Patti about their summer adventures with kids and preparing for the upcoming school year. They talk about the new Kindred Mom website, the free resources offered to subscribers of Kindred Mom, and some of what each of them is doing in their homes to be ready for fall. Then, author Sandy Cooper joins Emily Sue Allen for a conversation about balance and what it looks like in the busy mothering years. Sandy’s thoughts on balance are refreshing and encouraging for moms who feel like they can’t keep up with all the demands for their time and attention.

Episode 42 // A Vision For Home — featuring Marilynn Song Harri and Sarah Allard
This episode is about developing a personal vision for home and includes a preview of September’s topic—Life Around the Table. On the first half of the show, Lindsey Cornett talks with host Emily Sue Allen about meal-planning, being in the kitchen, and introducing the fall Kindred Mom Writers in Residence. Then, Sarah Allard and Marilynn Song Harri jump in for a conversation about how moms can pursue cultivating a peaceful home.

>> September: Life Around the Table <<

A Sweet Welcome —by Lindsey Cornett
An Unlikely Sacred Space — by Emily Sue Allen
How To Make Suppertime Work For Your Family — by Patty Scott
The Table on the Go: Grace When It’s Needed Most — by Tori Rask
Lessons From a Restricted Diet — by Robin Chapman
Savoring Time Around the Table — by Dorina Lazo Gilmore
Just Eat Something — by Rebekah Crosby
The Perfect Sized Table — by Lynne Hartke
When Feeding is Frustrating — Kelsie Crozier
Come Sit Next To Me — by Corey Wheeland

>> Podcast episodes released in September:

Episode 43 // Life Around the Table — featuring Patty Scott
This episode launches into September’s topic—Life Around the Table—with conversations about practical things to help get food on the table in the midst of busy family life, as well as how to navigate hospitality when you have little ones underfoot. On the first half of the show, Lynne Patti and Robin Chapman talk with host Emily Sue Allen about family meals in their homes. The second half of the show features Patty Scott, mama of two and author of Slow Down, Mama (affiliate link).

Episode 44 // Deepening Connection Around the Table — featuring Corey Wheeland and Misty Phillip
This episode continues the conversation about deepening connection with your family during mealtimes, what is and isn’t really the most important thing when it comes to meals, and thoughts on what it looks like to disciple kids at the kitchen table from guest Misty Phillip.


>> October: Cultivating Home <<

Kids Live Here — Rebekah Crosby
Putting Myself Aside — Natalie Ogbourne
Leaving My Baggage Behind — Jennifer Van Winkle
Happy to be Home — Corey Wheeland
When Does A House Become A Home?  — Lindsey Cornett
The Essence of Home — Patty Scott
Rest For the Extroverted, Weary Mama — Heather Lobe

>> Podcast episodes released in October:

Episode 45 // Cultivating Home — featuring Rebekah Crosby
This episode dives into October’s topic—Cultivating Home—with conversations about what the most important things are in creating a home space that reflects your family values. On the first half of the show, host Emily Sue Allen talks with Lindsey Cornett and Lynne Patti about finding purpose in cultivating home for our families, as well as some practical tips about how to accomplish home tasks with little ones in the mix. The second half of the show features current Writer in Residence Rebekah Crosby, mama of two girls, and co-creator (along with Lindsey Cornett) of The Drafting Desk newsletter. 

Episode 46 // Home & Belonging — featuring Vanessa Hunt
This episode explores October’s topic with discussion centering around creating a sense of belonging within our homes. In the first half of the show, host Emily Sue Allen chats with Robin Chapman about belonging and how to encourage healthy relationships between the people in our homes in both big-picture and practical ways. In the second segment, Emily talks with Vanessa Hunt, mother of two and co-author of Life in Season (affiliate link), about the ways our hearts are connected with our homes and how we make home a sanctuary for our families.


>> November: Comparison and Contentment <<

Status Update: Perfect — Corey Wheeland
Not Too Bad — Lindsey Cornett
Dear Size Two Mom — Kristi Clark
Go Where the Love Is — Patty H. Scott
Between Now and Knowing — Jenn Tanaka
Not Instagram’s Fault — Robin Chapman
In Fields of Self-Doubt — Amy Tol
Not What You Expected? Don’t Miss the Magic — Rebekah Crosby
How I Learned to Crochet — Tory Rask
Heartaches at Christmas (an excerpt of The Weary World Rejoices) — Emily Sue Allen

>> Podcast episodes released in November:

Episode 47 // Comparison: The Thief of Everything — featuring Corey Wheeland
This episode explores part of November’s Kindred Mom topic—Comparison. Host Emily Sue Allen chats with Lindsey Cornett and Jennifer Van Winkle about what comparison steals away from those who give it an inch, and practical ways to combat the propensity women have to compare themselves. In the second segment, Emily talks with Corey Wheeland, Fall 2018 Writer in Residence for Kindred Mom, about how she has navigated comparison as a single mom.

Episode 48 // Contentment: The Quest for Peace — featuring Rebekah Crosby and Tammy Mashburn
This episode tackles contentment. Host Emily Sue Allen chats with Lynne Patti and Rebekah Crosby about cultivating contentment and why this is important in motherhood. In the second segment, Emily talks with Tammy Mashburn, a writer, and resilient grandmother who has an inspiring perspective about contentment despite facing a serious chronic illness.

049 // Navigating the Unexpected — featuring Sarah Allard & Marilynn Song Harri
This episode is about navigating unexpected things as a mom, from the everyday stuff to things that are really serious. Host Emily Sue Allen chats with Sarah Allard and Marilynn Song Harri about various circumstances they’ve encountered as moms and how they’ve journeyed through those things. Emily also shares about the unexpected things that have been going on in her own life in recent months.

050 // What We Learned This Year — The Kindred Mom Team
This episode is a recap of the content shared on the Kindred Mom Blog & Podcast throughout 2018, as well as personal reflections from Host Emily Sue Allen, and Kindred Mom team members Lynne Patti, Jenni Van Winkle, Lindsey Cornett, and Robin Chapman.