Encouragement from 2017

>>  January  <<

Welcome to Kindred Mom! – The Kindred Mom Team


>>  February  <<

Flourishing in Motherhood – Emily Sue Allen
Riverside Reflections – Marin Kaetzel
The Perfect Monster Mom – Lynne Patti (accompanying podcast – Episode 3)
The Fervent Prayer of a Ragged Woman – Shauna Letellier (accompanying podcast – Episode 15)
Mama’s Ruby Slippers – Jayna Rae
Twinkling Mom – Theresa Boedeker
Twenty Minutes a Day – Jacqui Roberts
Notions of Hospitality – Jennifer Van Winkle


>>  March  <<

Grieving Lost Time – Emily Green (accompanying podcast – Episode 11)
Simple Sunday Hospitality – Tresta Payne
The Mindset of Motherhood – Naomi Fata (accompanying podcast – Episode 13)
When Hospitality is Messy – Katie Carper
Helping Children Grieve – Angie Warren
Redefining Supermom – Marilynn Song Harri (accompanying podcast – Episode 16)
Painting a Legacy – Lindsey Cornett
Simplicity and Front Doors – Glenna Marshall (accompanying podcast – Episode 8)
A Chicken Pot Pie Story – Heidi McGinnis
From the Military to Motherhood – Amanda Huffman
The Hospitable Home – Sarah Allard
Grieving Together – Dorina Lazo Gilmore (accompanying podcast – Episode 5)
The Substance of a Beautiful Life – Emily Sue Allen


>>  April  <<

Regarding Postpartum Waistlines – Jennifer Van Winkle (accompanying podcast – Episode 4)
Brave Enough to Help – Meredith Dangel (accompanying podcast – Episode 6)
Motherhood: Ready or Not – Kelsi Roberts
On Screen Time (Written While My Kids are On Screens) – Lynne Patti (accompanying podcast – Episode 3)
Finding Carter Lou – Mallory Pettiford-Jones
New Life with a Newborn – Chelsea Smith
Speed Boat: Ocean Liner – Jennifer Van Winkle (accompanying podcast – Episode 14)
My Body, Broken – Laura Way
Stewarding Screen Time – Tresta Payne
A Choir Calling – Lynne Patti (accompanying podcast – Episode 12)
Exploring Autism – Nicole Kristin Twedt
The Learning Curve of Motherhood – Robin Chapman (accompanying podcast – Episode 9)
Pooh Sticks at Piper’s Creek – K.C. Ireton (accompanying podcast – Episode 7)
A Lesson in Perseverance – Elise Daly Parker


>>  May  <<

On Expectations and Ducks – Jessica Otto
Saving Sarah: A Journey Through Darkness – Anita Ojeda
Metamorphosis – Jayna Rae
I Don’t Want to Know – Noelle Rhodes
Prevailing Strength – Lynne Patti
When Mother’s Day Breaks Your Heart – Sharon McKeeman (accompanying podcast – Episode 24)
The Case for Naps – Lindsay Crandall
Why Little Boys Love Peeing Outside – Theresa Boedeker
To the Woman Trying to Measure Her Worth – Jennie Scott
Facing the Reality of Mental Health Issues – Naomi Fata (accompanying podcast – Episode 13)
Surprise Summer (Plus a Summer Survival Kit) – Emily Sue Allen (accompanying podcast – Episode 2)
No Cape Required – Jessica Otto
Hope in the Shadows – Katie Carper
No More Magic – Jennifer Van Winkle
Chasing Rest – Dorina Lazo Gilmore (accompanying podcast – Episode 21)

>>  Podcasts released in May (Launch Month!):

Episode 1 – Introducing the Kindred Mom Podcast – Emily Sue Allen
In this episode, Emily Allen (the founder of introduces the Kindred Mom Podcast. She shares about the vision behind the Kindred Mom community, tells a little bit about her own family, and introduces the other women on the Vision Team for Kindred Mom.

Episode 2 – Building Community – Sarah Allard
In this episode, Emily Allen and Sarah Allard discuss how women flourish when they build strong networks in their local area.  Intentional effort to build solid community is one of the best ways to establish the support moms need to thrive in the mothering years. Because most moms deal with loneliness in some way, this episode is a great one for how to do something about that common struggle.

Episode 3 – The Pressure to Be a Perfect Mom & Screen Time Conversations – Lynne Patti
In this episode, Emily Allen and Lynne Patti discuss two of the essays Lynne shared on the Kindred Mom Blog, one about the pressure to be the perfect mom (and how to escape that trap), and the other about navigating the murky world of technology within a family setting. Lynne talks about the importance of having a proactive approach on this topic.

Episode 4 – On Postpartum Recovery – Jennifer Van Winkle
In this episode, Emily Allen and Jennifer Van Winkle have a conversation about the struggle to embrace the natural changes that happen to a mama’s body after birth, as well as the societal pressure to recover from childbirth in a short timespan. Jennifer shares the thought that just like newborn babies have a ‘nursery season’ where they are delicately cared for, new mamas should too.

Episode 5 – Grieving Together – Dorina Lazo Gilmore
In this episode, Emily Allen interviews Dorina Lazo Gilmore  about her grief journey with her daughters and the essay Dorina shared on called, “Grieving Together.” Dorina bravely shares part of the difficult story she experienced through the loss of her husband, as well as what she and her daughters have done to cope since. 

Episode 6 – Brave Enough to Help (Autism Awareness Month) – Meredith M. Dangel
In this episode, Emily Allen talks with Meredith M. Dangel about her essay, “Brave Enough to Help.” As the mama of a child with autism, Meredith wants other mamas to know how they might be able to encourage and support women who might be dealing with uncomfortable child-related situations in public. Meredith shares some great practical ideas for those who might be unexpected bystanders in such a situation, and encourages moms to find a way to step in with a kind word instead of ignoring the scene.

Episode 7 – Outside Time With Kids (Alternatives to Screen Time) – K.C. Ireton
In this episode, Emily Allen talks with author K.C. Ireton about the beauty of getting outside with kids, the importance of making intentional choices about values within a family, and the wonderful things that can happen when families spend extended time outside together.

Episode 8 – Simplicity and Front Doors (Hospitality) – Glenna Marshall
In this episode, Emily Allen interviews writer, mom, and musician Glenna Marshall about the heart behind hospitality, and how to overcome the obstacles to having people over in the messy motherhood season. They also discuss the importance of doing creative work as a mom, even though it doesn’t always feel like it fits in this busy time of life.

Episode 9 – The Learning Curve of Motherhood – Robin Chapman
In this episode, Emily Allen talks with Robin Chapman about her essay, “The Learning Curve of Motherhood” and the truth about parenting choices not being one-size-fits-all. The conversation touches on feeling uncertain in the early months of motherhood, and the humbling moments that come around even for experienced mamas. They talk about navigating the information overload to find parenting solutions that work for your family’s needs.

Episode 10 – The Journey to Six Kids – Emily Sue Allen
In this episode, Kindred Mom team-member Sarah Allard interviews host Emily Sue Allen about her own motherhood journey. Emily is a 34-year old mother of six kids and the founder of Kindred Mom. During the show, Emily shares about how she and her husband added to their family, and the blessings found in surrendering to God in this area.

Episode 11 – Grieving Lost Time – Emily Green
In this episode, Emily Allen talks with Emily Green about her essay, “Grieving Lost Time” about the season when Emily Green was not able to maintain the level of involvement with her children she was accustomed to while she was going through cancer treatment.  They discuss how vulnerable it is to receive help from others, and how to prioritize rest and healing when they are needed.


>>  June  <<

The Secret Places of Mothering – Sarah Sandifer
Two Bites of Humble Pie – Lindsey Cornett
Start Your Own Summer Connection Group – Kindred Mom Team/Lynne Patti (accompanying podcast – Episode 2)
Loneliness: A Catalyst for Building Relationships – Christie Thomas
My Son, the Pineapple – Jeanne Gyr
What Gives Her Away – Natalie Ogbourne
Steering the Ship – Sarah Allard
The Fear of Being Forgotten – Jena Meyerpeter
On Needing a Village – Lindsay Hausch (accompanying podcast – Episode 20)
A Child’s Life is Worth the Inconvenience – Beth Richardson
Invited Into Friendship – Shannon Anderson

>>  Podcasts released in June:

Episode 12 – A Choir Calling – Lynne Patti
In this episode, Emily Allen talks with Lynne Patti about her essay, “A Choir Calling” about the importance of being able to step away from mothering for a short time to do something for the joy of it.

Episode 13 – The Mindset of Motherhood & Mental Health – Naomi Fata
In this episode, Kindred Mom host Emily Allen talks with author, business owner, and mother of three, Naomi Fata about two of her essays featured on the Kindred Mom blog. The first is about the power of words, and how discouraging it can be when others speak about motherhood or a child’s milestones from a negative perspective. The second part of the conversation is about mental health awareness, and Naomi’s experience growing up in a home that was affected by her mother’s mental illness as well as how she personally moved forward as an adult.

Episode 14 – Speed Boat/Ocean Liner (About Identity as a Mom) – Jennifer Van Winkle
In this episode, Emily Allen talks with Jennifer Van Winkle about her essay, “Speed Boat, Ocean Liner”. This essay explores the changes that happen when a woman exchanges the flexibility and freedom of life before children for the steady and prepared life of a mother. They also discuss the questions that stem from that conversation about maintaining or discovering a new sense of personal identity as a mom.

Episode 15 – The Fervent Prayer of a Ragged Woman – Shauna Letellier
In this episode, Emily Allen interviews author Shauna Letellier about her essay, “The Fervent Prayer of a Ragged Woman”. They talk about the struggle to meet the individual needs of multiple children, and one circumstance in Shauna’s life when God answered her desperate prayer in an unexpected way. They also discuss Shauna’s new book.


>>  July  <<

Eggs in a Basket: About Secondary Infertility – Rebekah Crosby
Remembering My Kids are Different – Annie Rim
Less is More: Capsule Wardrobes for Kids – Jennifer Van Winkle
Family Fun Night – Shannon Anderson
I am a Real Mom – Glenna Marshall (accompanying podcast – Episode 26)
My Kids are Jerks – Robin Chapman
Invisible Mothers – Sarah Allard
Friendship Through Infertility – Emily Sue Allen

>>  Podcasts released in July:

Episode 16 – Redefining Supermom – Marilynn Song Harri
In this episode, Emily Allen talks with Marilynn Song Harri about her essay, “Redefining Supermom”. They talk about the discontent that comes when moms don’t feel that they measure up to the title of Supermom, and how to battle that discontent with gratitude, recognizing that the role a mama has in her home is truly important.

Episode 17 – Troubleshooting Motherhood (Listener questions on Patience) – Lynne Patti
In this episode, Emily Allen talks with Lynne Patti about a few listener questions that came in from mama, artist, and musician Haylie Allcott, having to do with patience in the midst of the constant demands of motherhood. Lynne and Emily both share about how they maneuver this topic within their own families.

Episode 18 – Reflux and Feeding Issues – Courtney Frye
In this episode, Emily Allen talks with Courtney Frye about her experience wading through feeding issues with both of her babies, and the desperate feelings that rise up when a mama isn’t able to immediately resolve problems her child is facing.


>>  August  <<

Spellbinding Summer: Savoring Childhood – Marilynn Song Harri
Parenting in Public – Robin Chapman
Getting Out the Door (Without Leaving My Sanity Behind) – Charissa Pomrehn (accompanying podcast coming January 2018)
Lifeline – Lynne Patti (accompanying podcast – Episode 25)
The Power of Imagination – Jennifer Van Winkle
Losing Sleep, Finding Grace – Emily Sue Allen
From Stress to Simplicity – Marilynn Song Harri

>>  Podcasts released in August:

Episode 19 – Kindred Mom Podcast & Blog Update – Emily Sue Allen
In this mini-episode/update, Emily Allen shares about a few behind-the-scenes things related to Kindred Mom, as well as the upcoming topics for fall, including a New Mom Series covering pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences.


>>  September  <<

A Flourishing Life (Pediatric Cancer Awareness) – Jai Anderson
The Exact Moment of Motherhood – Helen Gentry
Creativity in the Small Spaces – Emily Sue Allen
The Power of Presence: A Cancer Story – Nicole Marr
Say No to the Narwhal – Noelle Rhodes
A Fetal Diagnosis: 1 in 1200 – Nicola Woods
Acceptance (Childhood Cancer Awareness) – Pam Shrauger (accompanying podcast – Episode 23)
When You’re Not Sure if You Like Your Kids – Emily Sue Allen
When Pregnancy Isn’t the Plan (Part 1) – Tia McNelly
Burpees: Why Am I Doing This? – Jennifer Van Winkle
When Pregnancy Isn’t Perfect – Beth Mabe Gianopulos
Born to Persevere – Kristi Ahrens

>>  Podcasts released in September:

Episode 20 – On Loneliness and Needing a Village – Lindsay Hausch
In this episode, Emily Allen talks with Lindsay Hausch about the importance of support and community in the early motherhood years, as well as how Lindsay pursued relationships with other moms to combat loneliness.

Episode 21 – Chasing Rest – Dorina Lazo Gilmore
In this episode, Emily Allen talks with Dorina Lazo Gilmore about the importance of prioritizing rest, and the many ways a mama can do that.

Episode 22 – Preparing for a Positive Birth Experience – Lexie Stratman
In this episode, Emily Allen talks with Lexie Stratman about pregnancy and birth choices, and hierarchy of trust a mother needs in order to prepare for a positive birth experience.

Episode 23 – The Intersection of Hope and Sorrow – Sarah Damaska + Pam Shrauger
In this episode, Emily Allen talks with Sarah Damaska about her difficult journey through the loss of her daughter Annie as a result of a brain tumor and how that experience has given Sarah a passion to write about the intersection of hope and sorrow. Pam Shrauger also reads, “Acceptance,” an essay she contributed to the Kindred Mom blog in honor of Pediatric Cancer Awareness month (September).


>>  October  <<

The Days Before Birth: A Desperate Rhythm of Longing – Emily Sue Allen
When Pregnancy Isn’t the Plan (Part 2) – Tia McNelly
Tracks and Transitions – Natalie Ogbourne
Riding Into Love – Marilynn Song Harri
A Year Through Grief – Michelle Gee
Birth Scars – Lisa Biegert
To That Which We Cling – Jacqui Roberts
New Baby, New Mom – Mary Kate Brown
When Pregnancy Isn’t the Plan (Part 3) – Tia McNelly
Investing in Us – Kelsie Crozier

>>  Podcasts released in October:

Episode 24 – Still Birth & Infant Loss/Gently + Quietly (A Personal Project) – Sharon McKeeman
In this episode, Emily Allen talks with Sharon McKeeman about her difficult multiple pregnancy and infant losses and how she has journeyed through those experiences in God’s care. Sharon also shares about her new personal project, Quietly and Gently, a year-long attempt to discover what true strength looks like without raising her voice.

Episode 25 – Consistency in Parenting – Jennifer Van Winkle & Lynne Patti
In this episode, Emily Allen talks with Jennifer Van Winkle and Lynne Patti about consistency in parenting. With a dip into discipline, some thoughts on self-care and connection with one’s spouse, and ideas for how to become a consistent parent without feeling the pressure to do everything perfectly, this episode is a practical look at this topic.


>>  November  <<

A Thousand Times Yes – Glenna Marshall (accompanying podcast – Episode 26)
Bittersweet: The Process of Adopting My Son – Katie Carper (accompanying podcast – Episode 26)
Facing Postpartum Depression (Part 1) – Lindsey Cornett
Facing Postpartum Depression (Part 2) – Lindsey Cornett
Better Together: Teamwork’s Harmony – Kelsi Roberts
My Broken Postpartum Body – Hannah Savage
Recognizing Postpartum Depression (and Getting the Help You Need) – Kate Laymon
The Real Hunt for Home – Jessica Doebler

>>  Podcasts released in November:

Episode 26 –  A Thousand Times Yes (Adoption) – Glenna Marshall (and words from Katie Carper)
In this episode, Emily Allen talks with Glenna Marshall about her journey through two adoptions, and the blessings and challenges she encountered. Emily also reads an excerpt of an essay about the bittersweet aspects of adoption by writer and adoptive mama Katie Carper. This episode shared in honor of World Adoption Day (Nov. 9th).

Episode 27 – Freedom From the Need to Be Perfect
– Lindsey Cornett & Rebekah Crosby
In this episode, Emily Allen talks with Lindsey Cornett and Rebekah Crosby, the talented team behind the monthly newsletter The Drafting Desk, about the pressure to do things perfectly as a parent. Both Lindsey and Rebekah share worthwhile insights for any mom who wrestles with perfectionism. All three ladies also share a little about their favorite family traditions over the holidays.


>>  December <<

Giving Birth in a Barn – Faith Raider
A Quiet Christmas – Tresta Payne
Simplifying Christmas (for Peace on Earth) – Victoria Weaver
Humble Trimmings – Kelsi Roberts
Christmas Ornaments – Lisa Biegert

>>  Podcasts released in December:

Episode 28 – Tips and Traditions for a Meaningful Christmas – K.C. Ireton, Jody Collins, & Sandi Sutton
In this episode, Emily Allen talks with authors K.C. Ireton and Jody Lee Collins about Advent and celebrating the Christmas season in a meaningful way. In an additional segment, Emily chats with Sandi Sutton, the creator of an ebook with the most-loved holiday traditions of 21 different Christian writers.

Episode 29 – Year-In-Review: A Celebration of Kindred Mom in 2017  – The Kindred Mom Team
In this episode, Emily Allen talks with her Vision Team (Lynne Patti, Sarah Allard, and Jennifer Van Winkle) about some of the essays that have stuck with them from this year. They talk about what they have enjoyed and learned through pioneering this community in its inaugural year, and share a bit about what to expect from Kindred Mom in the first half of 2018.