Cherishing Childhood – May 2018

Cherishing the Beauty of Childhood

Childhood is a beautiful time of wonder and discovery. This series captures the beauty of childhood, and the ways moms keep little treasured moments close to their hearts.



#39 – Cherishing Childhood featuring Lindsey Cornett
Emily Allen hosts Jennifer Van Winkle & Lindsey Cornett for a conversation on Cherishing Childhood, the May monthly theme on Kindred Mom. As the newest member of the KM team, Lindsey shares about her monthly newsletter and her enthusiasm regarding serving as a Kindred Mom team member.

#40 – Letting Go of Loving Motherhood featuring Robin Chapman
Emily Allen hosts Robin Chapman for a conversation on Letting Go of Loving Motherhood. As a new member of the KM team, Robin shares about her struggle to reclaim her health after a long season of pregnancy and nursing, and how she leans hard on the grace of God as she bumbles through motherhood.


The Tooth Fairy Chronicles – Rebekah Crosby
“I could handle playing along with this Tooth Fairy business, but only to a point. I was not, I repeat not, going to be writing any notes on the Tooth Fairy’s behalf. There would be no glitter trail left as bonus evidence.”

Say Yes to the Mess – Jenni Van Winkle
“I don’t want my children to think back on their childhood and remember stiff rules narrowly permitting imagination. When they think of me, I don’t want them to remember an anxiety-ridden woman wringing her hands when outside her comfort zone. I want them to remember their childhood as one of adventure and freedom to explore, and I want them to remember me as a bold, adventurous woman who enjoyed life…I can’t say yes to fun without also saying yes to messes.”

Building Memories – Vicki Bentley
“Children live here now, and traces of their existence are everywhere. Dust handprints adorn the windows, miniature steps and stools are tucked into every corner. The yard is cluttered up with bikes and toys. Chores are often abandoned in favor of another story, or a game of ‘hide and seek.’ Yes, it may be a little disheveled and chaotic at times, but our house has become like a scrapbook, collecting little mementos of their childhood with each passing year.”

Grace Comes Quiet – Emily Sue Allen
“Grace comes quiet, between the swells. The scent of a newborn baby drawn up close to the bare heart of a mama. The smile of that same boy shared with me when on my breast for the very last time today. My sweet boy, waving to me when I tucked you in by Daddy to fall asleep without me for the first night weaned. There is grace for me in all these places. You have tuned my heart to hear, to see, and to treasure, the grace offered me in the quiet moments of motherhood.”

Better Than The Perfect Picture – Katie Nguyen
“I entered the assembly room with the other eager parents ready to see their child perform in the pageant. We crowded our way shoulder to shoulder through the doors, all of us with our eyes on the front row. The more aggressive parents pushed past chairs and stepped over rows to claim their victory–front and center. I’m a second-row mom, aggressive, but too worried about what others think to be a crazy chair jumper.”

Letting Go of Loving Motherhood – Robin Chapman
“What if I don’t need to love every single part of motherhood? What if doing the tasks with a willing heart is enough? When my kids obey with glad hearts, even though the chore isn’t one they like or would choose, we all have a better day. We move past the unpleasant chore and onto enjoying each other with so much less fuss.”

Something Sweet – Kelsi Roberts
In these little years, there isn’t much discussion of the week behind us or big plans for the weekend stretching ahead. Our conversation rests mostly on the silly shapes being eaten, or light banter over whether Nutella and powdered sugar and syrup are an acceptable start to the day…While our discussion is simple, I hope that in establishing this tradition early on, we’re creating a rhythm of gathering together. The week has ended, rest has arrived, and we will begin that together, just as we are.”

Long Distance Love – Melissa Forbes
Loving from a distance takes a little planning, sure, and a willingness to risk goofiness, to seize even the smallest idea and wrestle it into a connection. Love, for us, has shown up in unexpected places, in surprising ways. So we’ll keep recording knock-knock jokes and texting pictures of melting ice cream and kissy faces. This is our family: held together by little more than tape and disposable chopsticks and the fearless hope that this is the real stuff.”





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