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  • Free to Quit

    Free to Quit

    I am sweating. The not-so-tiny infant inside my enormous body and the church sanctuary with poor air handling combine to make me regret my choice to abandon my typical mom-bun and wear my long hair down. It’s sticking to my neck and face. More bothersome than the heat and my crazy hormones is the strain […]

  • …But I Can Clean The House

    …But I Can Clean The House

    The stress of the day melts away with each satisfying swipe of the kitchen counter. The appliances gleam and the sink sparkles. Everything is in place. Tonight I may organize a cabinet or two after vacuuming and mopping all of the floors. It’s a typical evening. My husband has several more hours on shift. My […]

  • Lessons from the Sofa Hole

    Lessons from the Sofa Hole

    I don’t always enter a room thinking I’m the smartest person there, but that night, I am sorry to say, I did. The pub’s high wood paneling, coved ceiling, and large picture windows framed the friendly atmosphere perfect for the people gathered for trivia night and I walked in with soaring confidence. I joined my […]

  • Freedom from Fear

    Freedom from Fear

    If you would have asked me, I would have told you “no way.” There is absolutely no way that you can actually be free from fear. How can you? It’s too gripping, too all-consuming, too logical. All the fear things make sense. After all, the Bible never promises us that our worst fears won’t happen. […]

  • 052 // Freedom From Fear & Anxiety – Meredith McDaniel & Maria Furlough

    052 // Freedom From Fear & Anxiety – Meredith McDaniel & Maria Furlough

    January’s Kindred Mom theme is Freedom in Motherhood, and in Episode 52, host Emily Sue Allen talks with guest Meredith McDaniel, a mom and licensed counselor, about postpartum anxiety and how to recover well from birth. Author of Breaking the Fear Cycle, Maria Furlough joins Emily for a conversation about navigating fear during and after […]

  • Trench Sisters

    Trench Sisters

    Lately, a few people have asked why I haven’t written anything in a while. And while I’d like to come up with a really clever reason, the truth is I’ve been busy being a mediocre, grouchy mother. True story. I love my kids more than the moon and stars and life itself…but man, parenting is […]

  • A Mom’s Search for Validation

    A Mom’s Search for Validation

    We walked across the parking lot, the asphalt shimmery in the sweltering Florida sun, and my short 5-year old legs moved swiftly to keep up with my mom. As we walked, I looked up at the huge vinyl banner, suspended along the superstore’s gray cement wall. I don’t remember what it said, exactly, but something […]

  • Freedom from My Own Expectations

    Freedom from My Own Expectations

    Four years ago, I sat on the floor of the first home I had shared with my husband, ruthlessly sorting my collection of classroom materials. In one pile I stacked my most beloved read-aloud books, which I planned to keep for the baby who was growing in my belly. I boxed up the still-usable-but-unneeded resources […]

  • 051 // Freedom in Motherhood – Lindsey Cornett & Brittany L. Bergman

    051 // Freedom in Motherhood – Lindsey Cornett & Brittany L. Bergman

    As the first episode in 2019, these conversations center around the theme of Freedom in Motherhood, the current monthly topic on Host Emily Sue Allen talks with Kindred Mom team member Lindsey Cornett about navigating the pressure of setting goals and having a vision for the upcoming year, as well as the freedom to […]

  • Embracing Your Motherhood Season

    Embracing Your Motherhood Season

    “Your pace is your pace,” she says in my ears. I receive her words with a bit of desperation to feel peace since my pace is currently slower than I prefer it to be. I repeat the phrase to myself, saying each word slowly, attempting to hold the idea still as I etch it into […]