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  • Measuring Experiences By Wonder Rather Than Mileage

    Measuring Experiences By Wonder Rather Than Mileage

    My husband and I are both avid hikers. We met on a snowshoe hike; our first anniversary was spent hiking the West Highland Way, a 100-mile trail in Scotland; our pre-kid days were filled with rambles through the mountains of Colorado. So, when we found out we were pregnant, we dreamt about raising outdoorsy kids […]

  • Popcorn and Movies

    Popcorn and Movies

    My husband crouches low to bring the big stainless steel cooking pot and lid up from the lower cabinet and sets it on the stove with a clank. Our children buzz about his feet in great anticipation while he moves through the kitchen, retrieving supplies. With excitement, the boys hustle to the other room and […]

  • Loving Beyond the Family

    Loving Beyond the Family

    The first time I stopped to pick up a stranger on the side of the road, my 4-year-old daughter Abigail and I were on our way to the grocery store. I saw Rosemary walking alongside a busy highway holding the hand of her 18-month-old, Elijah, whose toddling legs wobbled precariously close to the traffic surging […]

  • Screen Time Seasons

    Screen Time Seasons

    Today, like most days, my kids have been tugging at my clothes and talking nonstop over each other and me. When I’m trying to write out what needs to be done in my planner, my oldest comes to get my attention by bumping my right elbow, sending an errant swoop of ink across the page. […]

  • Hope for My Haphazard Family

    Hope for My Haphazard Family

    I shove a letter E block and a bouncy ball with the side of my foot, clearing a path between the door and her crib, so I don’t cripple myself later tonight in the dark. My eyelids feel like those heavy hotel drapes that require every muscle mustered to push them open but then keep […]

  • Count On Me

    Count On Me

    One of parenting’s great delights, along with baby giggles and toddler bedhead, are the words and phrases my kids mix up or use incorrectly. Unless it’s horribly inappropriate, I rarely correct these little mistakes; babies don’t keep, and they’ll figure it out eventually. In the meantime, hearing their innocent misspeaks makes me incredibly happy. (At […]

  • The Choice Between a House and a Home

    The Choice Between a House and a Home

    The gray morning drained all my joy. My kids, playing Baby Bear and Mommy Bear, sounded too loud and annoying while I fried eggs like a short-order cook. I wanted an escape. Between pouring more milk, and cutting twelve more strawberries, I noticed the chore list laying on the counter. Suddenly, the day off from […]

  • Life (and Love) in a Fishbowl

    Life (and Love) in a Fishbowl

    The tank is set. Daddy filled it ahead of time, styling the interior with a pirate’s treasure chest, a pink and purple castle with a tunnel for fish to swim through, and enough fake plants to make a jungle out of the 5-gallon fish home. This birthday surprise for our six-year-old sparkle of a daughter […]