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  • Navigating Disconnection

    Navigating Disconnection

    In the summertime, Wednesdays are reserved for a standing lunch date with some special ladies. I’ve grown with and known these moms for nearly a decade, so as we sit around a table enjoying a few rare hours of grown-up conversation, our discussion inevitably spring-boards back to the topic of our children and to the […]

  • Press Forward

    Press Forward

    The day after he played Super Mario Odyssey for the first time, I felt some serious buyer’s remorse. I sat in the toile wing-back chair in our front room with a novel tented across my legs. My 7-year-old son revolved around me like a spinning top, throwing out sheer nonsense as fast as his mouth […]

  • Family You Choose

    Family You Choose

    In all of my failings as a mother, perhaps “framily” is the least of my sins. As an active-duty military spouse, I have spent my life building community and then leaving that community in the span of about three years. My husband’s orders rotated us to new duty stations back and forth across the country. […]