Kindred Mom is a gracious online community dedicated to helping moms flourish in motherhood. We believe motherhood is a sacred and beautiful journey of discovery and we are committed to holding space for moms who are looking for connection, guidance, encouragement, and truth about the incredible role of a mother.

Kindred Mom is a collaborative blog, featuring essays about authentic mothering experiences from a variety of women, and we seek to provide encouragement and resources to help moms feel less alone in their struggle to nurture themselves and their families. Whether you are a new mom, an experienced mom, an adoptive mom, a step-mom, or any other kind of mom, we welcome you here and invite you to participate in this supportive community.

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Emily Sue Allen is the founder of the Kindred Mom blog and podcast and is passionate about helping moms flourish in motherhood. She is a contemplative, creative soul who celebrates the beauty of a humble, handmade life and deeply values the power of encouragement. She lives with her husband and six kids in the Pacific Northwest, and personally blogs at lightandloveliness.com. Her current personal series (in progress) is called Redemptive Motherhood: A 31-day series about the Ways My Children Have Changed Me (2017), and she also wrote a 31-day series about Soulful Simplicity (2016).

In addition to producing and hosting the Kindred Mom Podcast, she has appeared on the following podcasts as a guest: Friending Podcast (Episode 36 – How to Find Your Mom Squad), and Life Around the Coffee Cup (Episode 4 – The One with Building a Village). Some of her personal journey as a mom can be found on Episode 10 (The Journey to Six Kids) of the Kindred Mom Podcast.

Emily’s writing on the web:
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Sarah Allard is thankful to be experiencing the joy of motherhood after journeying through years of infertility. She is married to her highschool sweetheart and together they are raising their two children in Seattle. Sarah is passionate about hospitality, encouraging other mamas, and slowing down to appreciate God’s daily grace. She is a fair weather blogger at www.thelittledove.com and is often on Instagram.

Jennifer Van Winkle lives in Seattle with her husband and three children (twin boys and a baby girl). She is a teacher, musician, and currently a stay-at-home mom. She loves fueling the imaginations of her children with creativity, songs, all things science, good food and lots of play indoors and out. She blogs at Pepper Sprout Home and you can also find her on Instagram.

Lynne Patti lives in Los Angeles with her family. She pursues excellence in letting it go, letting messy happen, and letting motherhood be fun. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter.