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054 // Tackling Worry and Overwhelm – Alex Davies, Lindsey Cornett & Lisa Appelo

This episode is a conversation about tackling worry and overwhelm as a mom, and is part of the Healthy Mom series over on Host Emily Sue Allen interviews Lindsey Cornett and Alex Davies about what worry looks like in their everyday lives as moms, and in the second half of the show, Emily speaks with author and mom of 7 children Lisa Appelo. Lisa has an incredible and difficult story of walking through the unexpected loss of her husband, and what motherhood looks like for her in the years since his passing.

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About Podcast Host Emily Sue Allen –

Emily Sue Allen is the founder of Kindred Mom, and she hosts/produces the Kindred Mom podcast. Emily is also a member of several communities for writers (including Hope*Writers and Rise Up Writers, among others) and she is a regular devotional writer for Joyful Life Magazine. Soul care for moms and helping women find joy in the midst of their motherhood journey are among her greatest passions. Emily is a contemplative, creative soul who celebrates the beauty of a humble, handmade life and deeply values the power of encouragement. She lives with her husband and six kids in the Pacific Northwest, and personally blogs at Find Kindred Mom on Instagram and Facebook, and follow Emily on Instagram to see her most recent family adventures.

Guests on this Episode

Lindsey Cornett

Lindsey Cornett is a loud talker, iced coffee drinker, and lover of the written word who writes from the intersection of faith, family, and freedom. She’s married to Evan, and together they live in Grand Rapids, Michigan with three kiddos (four and under). Over time, she is learning to relinquish her perfectionism and embrace her life and creativity as-is. In the process, she’s become passionate about encouraging other women to embrace the freedom Jesus offers, which is rooted in the belief that we are enough just as we are. You can find more of Lindsey’s writing on her personal website, on Instagram, and over at the The Drafting Desk, a thoughtful monthly newsletter which she co-writes to inspire women toward freedom from perfectionism.

Read some of Lindsey’s writing:
Two Bites of Humble Pie  /  Facing Postpartum Depression  /  Strong and Brave


Alex Davies

Alex Davies is a maker and mother helping inspire women to make life beautiful. She has been featured in many online publications for her vulnerable storytelling and focus on creating more joy everyday. Always chasing her creative dreams, Alex loves to write, sew and decorate while raising two girls with her husband in San Diego, California. Alex shares everything with you from mom wins to DIY ideas to her line of handmade jewelry and bags on her blog and Instagram @AlexDaviesLiving.


Lisa Appelo

Lisa Appelo is an author, speaker, and widowed mother of 7 with a desire for women to know the hope of Christ, to hunger deeply for God and to delight in His Word. She shares about how God has faithfully met her family’s deepest needs after unexpectedly losing her husband, and she offers fresh encouragement to women who are similarly looking for hope through difficult circumstances. She is also the author of Countdown to Christmas (affiliate link), an advent devotional for families. Learn more about Lisa on her website, connect with her on Instagram, and subscribe to her email list. She would love to send you 100 Days with Christ as a gift and thank you.  


Kindred Mom is a community dedicated to helping moms flourish in motherhood. Through honest and vulnerable real stories of motherhood, this community champions celebrating small victories and the beautiful things that happen when moms share both the triumphs and struggles of their journeys.

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