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044 // Deepening Connection Around the Table – Jenni Van Winkle, Corey Wheeland, & Misty Phillip

This episode continues to explore September’s topic—Life Around the Table—with conversations about deepening connection around the table and the practical things that foster close relationships with kids as they grow. On the first half of the show, host Emily Sue Allen talks with Jenni Van Winkle and current Kindred Mom Writer in Residence Corey Wheeland about what is really important when it comes to meal times. The second half of the show features Misty Phillip, mama of three boys and writer/speaker and host of the new, forthcoming podcast, By His Grace.

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Guests on this episode:

Jennifer Van Winkle is a fun-loving and intentional-but-casual minimalist. She is an editor of and regular contributor to the Kindred Mom Blog and Podcast. She is also a regular contributing writer for Joyful Life Magazine and member of the Hope*Writers community. Currently, she writes from home with kids underfoot on her personal blog Pepper Sprout Home. She is passionate about squeezing the most fun out of life in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and 3 children. She is always in search of truth and what it looks like to live authentically and if that surrounds a plate of delicious food shared with good friends and family, then she’s pretty much in the happiest place she can imagine. Find Jenni on Instagram.

Read some of Jenni’s Writing:
Poop Mountain  / Go Get Him, Tiger  / Speed Boat : Ocean Liner


Corey Wheeland is a writer, graphic designer, and, most importantly, mom to her amazing daughter, Zoey. Wanting to find her way back to herself after her divorce last year, she decided to pursue her lifelong passion of writing. This pursuit manifested itself in the creation of a blog called The Nostalgia Diaries, where her goal is to simplify, enhance, and engage people’s lives by helping them focus on the most important things: remembering, appreciating, believing, and becoming. Since the creation of her blog, Corey’s writing has been featured on Motherly, Perfection Pending, SheKnows, Red Tricycle, Yellowbrick, Mamapedia,,  and Chief Gratitude Officer. She’s determined to spend the rest of her days living creatively and colorfully, all the while drinking cinnamon green tea, listening to good music, and soaking up as much sunshine as she can.


Web site:


Misty Phillip is married to the love of her life and best friend, Peter Phillip. Together they have three amazing young men and one precious daughter-in-law. Misty left her corporate career 18 years ago to homeschool her boys and has almost worked herself out of a job. In this new season of life, she encourages and mentors women through her writing, teaching, and speaking by sharing her faith and hope in Jesus Christ.
She is an author, blogger, speaker, and podcaster. Misty shares about Christian Living, Faith, Home, Family, and the books she loves at By His Grace.  Misty has written a Bible Study on Overcoming, entitled the Struggle is Real, But so is God. You can download the first week for free on her website, along with scriptures to pray when you are struggling.


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