All New Website and a Fresh New Season

Welcome to the brand new!

If this were a play date, we’d hand you a cup of coffee (or tea) and dole out some cheese sticks to the kiddos. We know you wouldn’t mind the crumbs and discarded Cheerios on the floor, and we certainly wouldn’t notice or care if your kids still had the remnants of breakfast on their cheeks. 

We would ask about your week and really want to know the answers. We would commiserate over our toddler’s most recent meltdown, share our best meal planning strategies, and laugh about the funny thing your first grader said. We’d clink our mugs together to offer a hearty “Cheers!” over each small victory, and we’d pray silent prayers of gratitude for the ways our families are growing and changing.

This is what moms do when we are at our best.

We welcome each other without judgment, celebrate together, and offer encouragement.

At Kindred Mom, that’s what we’ve done since the beginning, but now we have a brand new home where all this hope, wisdom, and storytelling can live.

Here is some of what’s new

  • When you head to the blog, you won’t just see the most recent post. Instead, you’ll be able to see previews of many of our recent posts and more easily access what you want to read.
  • Easier access to our free resources. No more password-protected page (although this is still available if you want all the goodies in one place!). All you need to do is subscribe for the resource you desire!
  • Beautiful, updated photography and design.
  • Improved organization, so you can better navigate between all the content shared in a given series.

Here’s what you have to look forward to this fall

  • We are welcoming our first cohort of Writers in Residence! You can get acquainted with Rebekah, Corey, and Patty right here. Follow us on social media to get to know them more, and keep an eye out for their beautiful writing each month.
  • Our September Series will focus on Life Around the Table. We’re releasing a new free resource, sharing a new crop of essays, and having exciting conversations on the podcast.
  • Later this season, we’ll explore both what it means to cultivate home and how comparison and contentment affect motherhood.

Want to write for us this fall?

We will soon be accepting submission for our September series, Life Around the Table. Head here to subscribe to our Writer’s List for updated guidelines and here to submit an essay as soon as the form opens.

Stay in the loop with us!

We know life is busy! The best way to stay in the know about all our content offerings is to subscribe to our newsletter here. We will email you now and again with updates and reflections from our team, as well as links to content from the month.

You can also join our exclusive Facebook community and follow us on Instagram.

Today, please click around and check things out! If you find any bugs, we’d love to know about them, as we’re still working out the kinks of this new online space.

Our hope and prayer are that Kindred Mom–the blog, the podcast, and the community–will be a place where all moms can find the encouragement and guidance they need to flourish. We’re so glad you’re here! 



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