040 // Letting Go of Loving Motherhood – Robin Chapman

In this episode, Emily Allen hosts Robin Chapman for a conversation on Letting Go of Loving Motherhood. As a new member of the KM team, Robin shares about her struggle to reclaim her health after a long season of pregnancy and nursing, and how she leans hard on the grace of God as she bumbles through motherhood. There are several announcements toward the end of the interview, including why (and for how long) Kindred Mom is shutting down for the summer.

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Robin Chapman is a full-time imperfect Jesus lover, wife, and mama to four babies six and down. When she isn’t buried in children or hiding from them, she enjoys reading, photography, and sharing stories on her blog, where she’d love to connect with you! You can also find her on Facebook or Instagram… or perhaps hiding in her bathroom with some coffee.


Mentioned in this episode: Self-Care for Moms Series from January 2018


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Robin’s Fitness/Health Journey

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Robin appeared on Episode 9 of the Kindred Mom Podcast – The Learning Curve of Motherhood


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