033 // Loving Well as a Wife – Ann Hinman & The Kindred Mom Team

In this episode, Emily Allen hosts two conversations about Loving Well as a Wife, as part of the February series on The first segment features Jennifer Van Winkle & Marilynn Song Harri and the second is with Sarah Allard and special guest, Ann Hinman (Pastor’s wife & mom of 3 grown children.) This episode is full of perspective and practical advice about how to invest in your marriage for the long haul, especially with kids in the mix.

Thanks to Ann Hinman for being our guest!

Ann grew up in the Midwest, but after moving around after college has called Seattle home since 2008.  She and her husband George have been married 28 years. Together they have raised three grown children, and are enjoying this season of parenthood and marriage. Ann enjoys serving in various capacities as a pastor’s wife, going on walks with her dog, and indulging in middle of the week date nights… because they can!

Mentioned in this episode:

Kindred Mom February Series on Loving Well as a Wife and Mom including an essay by Jennifer Van Winkle on intimacy titled Go Get Him, Tiger.

I didn’t think twice about skimping by with occasional time together. My marriage seemed great, and we were happy together. I followed the advice given by the monsters in my head, but I struggled because although my marriage was fine, it was bland. Deep within, I wanted romance and a connection with my spouse that rivaled all love stories ever told. We didn’t have that because I was too afraid to show up as an equal in my marriage.”

Special thanks to the following women for sharing their wisdom about investing in marriage:

Robin Chapman
Rachel Swanson
Faith Raider
Katie Carper

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