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030 // Self-Care for Moms – Kindred Mom Team & Charissa Pomrehn

In this episode, Emily Allen hosts two (related) conversations about Self-care for Moms, the January series on The first segment is with two moms on her Vision Team (Lynne Patti, and Jennifer Van Winkle) and covers defining self-care and what it looks like in their lives, and the second segment features Vision Team member Sarah Allard and special guest Charissa Pomrehn, a professional self-care coach for moms.

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Brave Self Care (Charissa Pomrehn)

Charissa Pomrehn coaches moms of young kids who wonder when it’s their turn to take a break. She shows them how they can find time to care for themselves so they end the day feeling happy and accomplished. When she’s not drinking a green smoothie for breakfast, you’ll find her crunching Cocoa Puffs with her boys. She blogs about self-care for moms and is an avid (maybe too avid) Instagram user.

Essays from the Self-Care for Moms Series

Mentioned in this episode:

Flourishing Together: Cultivating a Fruitful Life In Christ by Dorina Lazo Gilmore

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