027 // Freedom From the Need to Be Perfect – Lindsey Cornett & Rebekah Crosby

In this episode, Emily Allen talks with Lindsey Cornett and Rebekah Crosby, the talented team behind the monthly newsletter The Drafting Desk, about the pressure to do things perfectly as a parent. Both Lindsey and Rebekah share worthwhile insights for any mom who wrestles with perfectionism. All three ladies also share a little about their favorite family traditions over the holidays.

The Drafting Desk is a monthly newsletter full of encouragement, joy, and grace delivered straight to your inbox.

The Drafting Desk is for you if…

you are tired of the constant pursuit of “better”
you ever struggle under the weight of unmet expectations
you feel a profound sense of failure at the end of the day
you are overwhelmed by a long list of “to-dos” and “should-dos”
your days are marked by fear, anxiety, or striving
you want to do less and be more
you want to experience the freedom Jesus promises

About Lindsey Cornett: Lindsey is a writer, reader, and mom who is slowly learning to trade perfectionism for freedom. A Florida-to-Michigan transplant, her faith and sense of purpose are shifting as she experiences seasons in the world and in her own life. Lindsey is also the co-founder of The Drafting Desk, a newsletter for anyone trying to pursue grace instead of perfection. You can find her on Instagram @lindseycornett

Essays on Kindred Mom by Lindsey:

Facing Postpartum Depression (Part 1)

Facing Postpartum Depression (Part 2)

Two Bites of Humble Pie

Painting a Legacy


About Rebekah Crosby: Rebekah Crosby is a former copy editor who traded in her red pen to chase her kids around all day and share stories over at Write the Rough Draft. Wife of a woodworker and mom of two daughters, her hobbies include photography, reading too many books at a time, and jotting down ideas she hopes to write about when she has a free minute. Rebekah is co-founder of The Drafting Desk, an email newsletter for those longing for freedom over perfection, and she shares slices of life on Instagram at @writetheroughdraft.

Essay on Kindred Mom by Rebekah:

Eggs In a Basket: About Secondary Infertility


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