023 // The Intersection of Hope and Sorrow – Sarah Damaska + Pam Shrauger


In this episode, Emily Allen talks with Sarah Damaska about her difficult journey through the loss of her daughter Annie as a result of a brain tumor and how that experience has given Sarah a passion to write about the intersection of hope and sorrow. Pam Shrauger also reads, “Acceptance,” an essay she contributed to the Kindred Mom blog in honor of Pediatric Cancer Awareness month (September).

Sarah Damaska lives in the Thumb of Michigan with her husband + 3 kids, stirring the soup, folding the laundry and sitting at the soccer games.  She drinks her coffee with a bit of cream and if you check her bag, you’ll find a book (or three), just in case.  She writes about the intersection of hope and sorrow  at


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Links to stuff mentioned in this episode:

Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor E. Frankl (Affiliate link)

Acceptance (Childhood Cancer Awareness) – Pam Shrauger


Here are some recent essays on the KM blog:

Born to Persevere – Kristi Ahrens

When Pregnancy Isn’t Perfect – Beth Mabe Gianopulos

Burpees: Why Am I Doing This? – Jennifer Van Winkle


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