015 // The Fervent Prayer of a Ragged Woman – Shauna Letellier

In this episode, Emily Allen interviews author Shauna Letellier about her essay, “The Fervent Prayer of a Ragged Woman”. They talk about the struggle to meet the individual needs of multiple children, and one circumstance in Shauna’s life when God answered her desperate prayer in an unexpected way. They also discuss Shauna’s new book.

Shauna Letellier is the author of “Remarkable Faith: When Jesus Marveled at the Faith of Unremarkable People” (May 2017). She is a self-proclaimed expert second-guesser but finds certainty in knowing Jesus Christ. She blogs about finding rest and relief in Him at With her husband Kurt, she has the wild and hilarious privilege of raising boys along the banks of the Missouri River where they fish, swim, and rush off to ballgames. 

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Links to stuff mentioned in this episode:

The Fervent Prayer of a Ragged Woman by Shauna Letellier

To the Woman Trying to Measure Her Worth by Jennie Scott

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  • Susan Bricker
    5 years ago

    What a wonderful message! So many powerful truths. I really enjoyed listening to this. I loved the Christmas cookie story. Thank you for baring your soul Shauna and speaking from such an authentic place. Your book, Remarkable Faith is remarkable! Great job ladies! Great podcast!

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