013 // The Mindset of Motherhood & Mental Health – Naomi Fata

In this episode, Kindred Mom host Emily Allen talks with author, business owner, and mother of three, Naomi Fata about two of her essays featured on the Kindred Mom blog. The first is about the power of words, and how discouraging it can be when others speak about motherhood or a child’s milestones from a negative perspective. The second part of the conversation is about mental health awareness, and Naomi’s experience growing up in a home that was affected by her mother’s mental illness as well as how she personally moved forward as an adult.

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Essays referenced in this episode:

The Mindset of Motherhood by Naomi Fata
Facing the Reality of Mental Health Issues by Naomi Fata
Naomi’s Book — Beyond Head Knowledge: Knowing Christ Who Satisfies Our Hearts

Connect with Naomi:

Books/Authors mentioned in this episode:

Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud
Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero
Dr. Caroline Leaf

If you have any follow-up questions for Janet from the end segment, feel free to email her.

Janet Birkey, LPCC

Resources for finding a suitable mental health professional:
American Association of Christian Counselors


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