010 // Emily Sue Allen – The Journey to Six Kids

In this episode, Kindred Mom team-member Sarah Allard interviews host Emily Sue Allen about her own motherhood journey. Emily is a 34-year old mother of six kids and the founder of Kindred Mom. During the show, Emily shares about how she and her husband added to their family, and the blessings found in surrendering to God in this area.

Emily Sue Allen is the founder of Kindred Mom. She is a contemplative, creative soul who celebrates the beauty of a humble, handmade life and deeply values the power of encouragement. She blogs at, and shares bits of her life on Instagram.

Links to stuff mentioned in this episode:

Five Years (about Emily’s 3rd child) by Emily Sue Allen

On This Day (Emily’s reflections on her 11th anniversary) by Emily Sue Allen

Kindred Mom Podcast, Episode 8 with Glenna Marshall 

The closing blessing was offered by Libby John of the Art and Faith Conversations Podcast.


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