Why Little Boys Love Peeing Outside

We were three mothers standing in the cul-de-sac chatting about trivial things. Ripe strawberries, dogs, lost socks, dinner. The 5 children (1 girl and 4 boys), were playing kid stuff that involved running, stopping, yelling, bossing, and more running. We ladies were in the middle of a good laugh when my neighbor to the south glances at my front yard. Faster than a gate can swing shut in a cough of wind, her mouth fell open and her eyes widened to maximum orbit. She tried to say something, but only a few scratchy rounded vowel tones emerged from her tonsils. Her hands, though, were making small circles in the empty air as if they were grasping for something unseen.

My neighbor to the north and I stopped talking and turned around. We wanted to see what awesome or shocking thing had this mother of an adorable 6-year-old girl so speechless and so stupefied. Having had brothers and currently raising a boy or two, we just burst out in laughter at the sight.

“There he goes again,” my north neighbor stuttered between giggles.

I tapped her arm twice, struggling to birth some words between laughter. “Just watering.”

My southern neighbor finally closed her mouth enough to huff and puff a few times. “Did you see that?” she asked, he voice rising an octave between her first and fourth word.

We giggled some more.

“Doesn’t he know better?” Miss South asked, shock evident in her voice.

I nudged my northern neighbor. “At least it was your kid this time.”

Miss North wiped her eyes. “Do we owe you any damages for the yard?”

“Only if the grass turns yellow,” I laughed.

“D-did you teach him t-that? I mean d-does he, he, he do t-that everywhere? D-doesn’t he know better?” Miss South clearly had her vocal cords back, although she was stuttering from the shocking display.

“We occasionally allow him in the house,” Miss North giggled.

“You allow that, that kind of behavior? I mean . . . don’t you care?”

“He’s a boy,” Miss North and I said in unison.

“That can’t be normal? Miss South protested.

“Perfectly normal,” I said. ‘Actually quite normal.”

Miss South shook her head. It was obvious that she was glad for her one well-behaved girl who didn’t flash the neighbors and compromise her modesty when her bladder was full. Unlike Miss North’s son, who paused in the middle of running to pull down his pants and flash a cute little white heinny while watering the ground, only to start running again before the pants were firmly returned to his middle. He was clever too because he wasn’t tagged during the whole 12-second episode.

One way boys and girls are different is that the grass on the other side of the yard always needs watering and young boys feel it is their responsibility to personally douse it, and douse it good. Even if there is a just clean and sanitized bathroom only 50 feet away.

My little blond boy during the summer tells me he is going next door. Thirty feet past the front door he pauses long enough to pee, then continues to the neighbors. “Go in the back fenced yard,” I tell him. He nods and pees out front again. His friends come over and I see them peeing in the front yard.

I’m not sure anyone teaches little boys to pee outside under the canopy of the blue endless sky, but once they have done it, they will forever be drawn to the magical charm of peeing outdoors. And not just little boys.

One grown man in my house looks for opportunities to take advantage of providing water to nature. He’ll step into the back yard, and under the cover of blackness, relieve his bladder. Then he’ll stroll in and comment on the briskness of night air or the chirping of crickets.

As a teenager, I was quite embarrassed that my much younger brother often peed off the front porch.

“Doesn’t he know someone will see him?” I asked my mother, “And then what will they think of us?”
Mom took it all in stride and didn’t seem concerned. She must have already learned that boys love peeing outdoors.

I am taking her attitude these days. It may be a bit shocking to the neighbors, but it has been happening for centuries.

My son says he pees outside because it is easier and convenient. No lid to lift, toilet to flush, or seat to piddle on and get chastised for. Clearly, it is also just plain fun.

I figure I can be remembered by my son as the mom who nagged him about peeing in the front, side, and backyard, or I can be remembered as the mom who remembered what being a child was like, and who doesn’t sweat the small things; a mom who encouraged him to laugh, play, finds joy in life, and didn’t criticize imperfection in her children. A mom who loved him unconditionally, even if he chooses to pee outside.

I also figure his wife may enjoy his descriptions of the stars on dark night.

 Theresa Boedeker unwraps life with words to encourage, entertain, and bring forth laughter. She blogs to remember what’s important and creates humorous story podcasts about Life as it Comes.








12 responses to “Why Little Boys Love Peeing Outside”

  1. Steph M. Avatar

    I’m laughing as I read this. I have a picture of my son standing on a rock on a mountainside peeing in the snow at the side of a road! It’s a joke in our family too. But I don’t wish to be embarrassed caught doing it. Who knows why they don’t care if others watch them in all their glory?! Thanks for sharing, Stephanie (a neighbor from Wise Woman)

  2. Theresa Boedeker Avatar

    So true, Steph. They don’t really care if someone sees them. Their confidence while peeing outside is amazing.

  3. Crystal Storms Avatar

    Theresa, you bring back so many memories of being jealous of my cousins because they didn’t have to stop playing to go run in the house. But my aunt always liked when I popped in. : ) Sweet blessings!

    1. Theresa Boedeker Avatar

      Boys do have it so much easier concerning their bathroom needs, don’t they. I am always eyeing how their bathroom rarely ever has a line, while the girl’s line is out the door and down the hall. 🙂 Blessings to you, Crystal.

  4. Janis@Heart-Filled Moments Avatar

    Theresa, Oh, I wish I had learned this when our oldest son was little! Too concerned with the opinions of others and being the proper Mom. Yet, praise God, we still have laughable moments both from our oldest and our youngest when we adopted him.

    1. Theresa Boedeker Avatar

      Janis. Keep finding those laughable moments with your children, you wonderful momma. Grace to you, Theresa

  5. Sarah Allard Avatar

    I’m taking notes for the future… 🙂

    -Sarah, mama to a 2 year old boy

  6. Theresa Boedeker Avatar

    Good idea. In a few years he will be an old hand at this. LOL

  7. Maree Dee Avatar

    It is so true they love to pee outside. I love your attitude.

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  9. Britanny Avatar

    Boys peeing outside is so cool. I am a woman, but definitely would if i had a penis. My little boy always pees in parks, on walks and our backyard. He never uses the toilet except for number 2 and in the night. It is so much easier than going inside, lifting the lid, peeing all over the bathroom, and washing hands. My husband always would just stop the car, get out, and take a leak while I have to hold it. Also, there is no dribbling on my toilet seat! There have been embarrassing times like when he was in the front yard, announced i gotta go mom, and proceeded to remove his pants and underwear and pee facing the road, while a family with teenage girls walked by. Yeah. Some red faces. Hes done it on hikes too while people walk by, but if he doesn’t care i don’t either. i actually let him go naked in our back yard. Why not? Hes young once! he has long hair to. We have the lushest grass around lol.

  10. Britanny Avatar

    i am a woman and let my boy pee anywhere, even in front of girls horrors! He don’t care so i dont. He pees everywhere outside. I would too if i were lucky enough to be a boy. He has long hair, runs around naked and has a great time! If you don’t like it too bad. Peeing outside is fine.

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