003 // Lynne Patti – The Pressure to be a Perfect Mom & Screen Time Conversations

In this episode, Emily Allen and Lynne Patti discuss two of the essays Lynne shared on the Kindred Mom Blog, one about the pressure to be the perfect mom (and how to escape that trap), and the other about navigating the murky world of technology within a family setting. Lynne talks about the importance of having a proactive approach on this topic. Lynne’s essays are titled, “The Perfect Monster Mom,” and “On Screentime: (Written While My Kids Were On Screens),” and can be found on

Lynne is on Instagram (@lynnepatti).

Essays on the Kindred Mom blog that are mentioned in this episode:

The Perfect Monster Mom by Lynne Patti

On Screentime: (Written While My Kids Were On Screens) by Lynne Patti

Stewarding Screen Time by Tresta Payne


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  • Theresa Boedeker
    5 years ago

    Just listened to two podcasts. They drew me right in as a listener. The format is informal, like two moms chatting about life and their experiences. I will be listening to more.

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