Redefining Supermom

Modern mommies everywhere are well acquainted with her. She’s gorgeous and fit, eternally calm and cheerful with her children (who are always perfectly behaved), she has a flawlessly decorated home filled with white furniture, and a hunky doting husband who always takes out the trash. You know, like one of those women laughing in a salad commercial. She’s Supermom.

Occasionally, people will call me “supermom” just because I have lots of children and (try to) educate them at home. They assume I must have it all figured out. Reality is that having a gaggle of kids and homeschooling makes me feel like a hot mess most of the time.

(I will, however, give my uterus a little credit. Growing and pumping out five kids in seven years exceeded my expectations of her ability to perform. Someone get her a medal!)

I’ll tell you what, I don’t feel like supermom at all. Constant messes, crazy schedules, and a severe lack of sleep over several years hardly makes a person feel put-together, or even capable of carrying on an adult conversation half the time. But maybe? Maybe it’s time for those of us who feel like the messiest, crankiest, most exhausted moms out there—maybe it is time for us to embrace our inner Super. You may not feel super, but the truth is you are pretty stinkin’ awesome.

Exhibit A. I may not balance my budget at the end of every month (what’s a budget?), but you know what? I can go from REM sleep to the top of 16 stairs and catch vomit midair at 3am. In two seconds flat. Before my husband (bless him) has even rolled over to hear the toddler’s wail of impending doom. Supermom to the rescue!

I may currently have floors that resemble the aftermath of a tropical storm, but guess what? I clipped forty, yes, forty fingernails and toenails the other day. (No one mentioned that in the What To Expect book, I’m pretty sure.) If you don’t think that makes me Supermom, then just go away.

I may not have the perfect body (thanks to my constant hormonal – okay, maybe just primal – craving for chocolate and cheese), but shoot, my husband likes it well enough, and if I get over myself and make a move on him after the end of a long day of sibling squabbles, baby spit-up and attitudes? SUPERMOM. (Or maybe SuperWIFE. Whatever. I can be both if I want to.)

I may have raised my voice today (okay, fine, screamed) at my child over the trivial offense of tracking mud all over the freshly mopped floor, but later in the evening, I came to him, penitent and real, apologizing and admitting that I make mistakes too. And my growing boy smiled big, hugged me tight, and said “It’s okay, Mama.” Sometimes that’s all it takes to be Supermom.

I think as moms we don’t often recognize our value because what it really means to be ‘super’ is a vast departure from what the surrounding cultural influences tell us. We are taught to expect of ourselves the impossible. We’re told, “Be Pinterest creative, be hollywood glam, be successful in the marketplace, be the perfect mom, be…be… BE!”

But all we end up hearing is: You are not enough.

Maybe we’re listening to the wrong voices to discern who we are and the importance of what we do.

I am not super because I am perfect. I am super because I am a woman, wonderfully made in the image of an amazing God, and He has created me with the capacity to care for my family with a supernatural love that flows from Him. Love that catches puke, blesses my spouse, and apologizes to little hearts when it does wrong.

You are Supermom too.

You are worthy of that title. Why? Because with intricate thought and infinite love, God has created you – and you only – to be the mommy of your little one. He has infused into you a little of His goodness and strength to love your child well.

You aren’t perfect, but you are enough.

And maybe you don’t give yourself enough credit for the thousands of little ways you heroically love, sacrifice, and rescue your children in the midst of everyday life. You may gloss over it and think it is nothing, but those moments are everything. They are everything to those little people who depend on you for everything they need.

You are stronger than you think, and more powerful than you know…and you are definitely Supermom.

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 Song Harri is a happy wife, mom and homemaker in the small town of Walla Walla, Washington. While she keeps very busy raising and teaching five children at home, she pursues a life of simplicity, laughter and loving Jesus.








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  1. Laura Lee Avatar
    Laura Lee

    Thank you for this. I needed the reminder, the true definition of what a Supermom is. This was the encouragement I needed. Thank you!

  2. Lyli Avatar

    Beautifully said, Supermom. Blessings to you and the brave mamas everywhere who love Jesus and raising littles to be warriors for God’s kingdom.

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