Welcome to Kindred Mom!

Welcome to Kindred Mom! This is a little space on the internet where moms can find encouragement, community, and resources to help them flourish in their motherhood journey. Soon, we will be sharing essays from a variety of women about a wide range of mothering topics with the hope that you will find bits of wisdom that might help you as you navigate the awesome and challenging reality of raising little ones. This space is new, and will be taking shape more and more over the coming weeks, but our Kindred Mom Vision Team has collaborated on the following manifesto to communicate what we are all about. Mothering is a journey that is sweeter with the camaraderie of other moms, and we hope you’ll find that here. We’d love to have you join our Kindred Mom Facebook Group for more conversations and updates on our upcoming official launch.

Kindred Mom Manifesto

We are mothers who embrace the wonderful, messy, surprising, and rewarding role of motherhood.

We are mothers who savor the wonder-filled beauty of childhood and seek to honor our unique, brilliant, curious children with our attention and love.

We are mothers who strive to live with compassion and kindness as core values.

We are mothers who celebrate small victories.

We are mothers who have the courage to ask for help when we need it.

We are mothers who know sleeplessness, loneliness, sacrifice, exhaustion, fear, uncertainty, and struggle, yet we believe motherhood to be a valuable and satisfying endeavor.

We are mothers who support each other without judgement.

We are mothers who celebrate the courage and beauty we see in others and believe that motherhood is not a competition.

We are mothers who believe that every mom can flourish in her motherhood role.

We are mothers who listen to and learn from one another.

We are mothers who honor the beautiful mothering journey of other women—supporting and encouraging moms who find themselves in that role by natural birth, adoption, foster care, step-parenting or any other means.

We are mothers who acknowledge the difficult journey of women who long to be mothers that are still in a season of waiting, mothers who have experienced secondary infertility, and mothers who have experienced the profound loss of a child at any stage.

We are mothers who share both the struggles and triumphs of motherhood.

We are mothers who celebrate the experiences that are common to all moms, and respect the differences of each mother’s individual journey.


    7 years ago

    I love this idea and the well thought out vision and monthly topics.

    • Sarah Allard
      7 years ago

      Welcome to the Kindred Mom community Amy! Thanks for the encouragement friend. xoxo

    • Emily @ Kindred Mom
      7 years ago

      Thanks for the kind words, Amy!

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