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Kindred Mom is a gracious community that believes motherhood is a sacred and beautiful journey of discovery. We are committed to holding space for moms who are looking for connection, guidance, encouragement, and truth about the incredible role of a mother within the family.

Kindred Mom is looking to feature original story-driven essays with encouraging and empowering messages for moms who are in the trenches of caring for their families. We are looking for essays that:
> Share vulnerable, authentic motherhood experiences
> Include timeless truths about mothering and family
> Incorporate practical ideas that help moms who are navigating the early years with young children, those who have grade school kids or teenagers, or speak from the experience of moms whose children are grown.
> Promote respect and grace for all women regardless of their unique life circumstances or backgrounds
> Speak to the heart of moms who want to flourish in motherhood at each stage of the journey

We are happy to receive story-driven essays on any topic that encourages moms with a hopeful message, or provides practical insight for any part of mothering/life as a mom.  If you are interested in submitting an essay for consideration, please familiarize yourself with the core themes and monthly themes below.

Core Themes of Kindred Mom

*updated 3/22/17

Laughable Moments
 – Tell us your stories of the messy, hilarious, unexpected moments of motherhood.

Celebrating Small Victories – Moms spend so much time feeling like they are not enough. We want to hear about the small (or big!) steps forward that you take in your mothering journey.

Pregnancy & Birth – We’d love to hear your notable pregnancy and birth stories. Please be aware, long and exhaustive essays will not be a great fit, but if you’re able to share a ‘slice’ of something you experienced in the process and what you learned through it, we’d love to hear about it.

Baby’s First Year – There is such a learning curve in the first year of baby’s life. We would love to feature stories of moms finding their confidence in mothering their little one, as well as what strategies that might help other moms flourish during Baby’s First Year.

Childhood – Throughout childhood, there are many lessons learned and memories made within a family. We are interested in your stories and reflections on this stage of motherhood.

School-Aged Kids – The window of time where kids are ages 5-12 is a special time of discovery and adventure. We are interested in stories and lessons learned together with your kids who are in this age range.

The Teen Years – We’d love to hear words of wisdom from moms of teenagers (or moms who have had teenagers) and practical tips about navigating this season. We feature essays that honor and dignify this season of development, over ones that speak disparagingly.

Soul Care for Moms – Moms pour out all they have for their families, and we want them to be filled up with hopeful, true messages about the importance of their role. If you have something encouraging to share with other moms, share your story about it!

Wisdom from Mentor Moms – If you have older or out-of-the-house children and have wisdom or encouragement you want to share with younger moms, we want to hear from you!

Monthly Topics for 2017

*Updated 5/14/17

In addition to the core themes, our Vision Team put the following monthly themes together as a springboard for ideas and as a guide for Kindred Mom Conversations across our social media platforms. Please note: the deadline for a given month is the 10th day of the previous month. For example, March topics are due on February 10th. (See a complete list of monthly deadlines further down the page.)

February – Casting Vision for Flourishing in Motherhood, Celebrating Small Victories
March – Food and the Family, How to Extend Hospitality with Kids, Dealing with Grief in Motherhood, Women’s History Month
April – Encouragement for the First Time Mom, Postpartum Recovery, Screen Time Conversations, Autism Awareness Month
May – Feeling Inadequate, Sleep-Rest-And-Rejuvenation, A Healthy Home, Mental Health Awareness Month
June – Combating Loneliness, Nutrition Challenges (Food Allergies, Picky Eaters, etc), Early Childhood Education
July – Family Culture & Connection, Simplicity, Infertility & Secondary Infertility
August – The Wonder of Childhood, Birth Education & Choices, Mom-On-The-Go (Busy Schedules, Leaving the House Prepared)
September – Routines & Habits for Success,  Fitness for Moms, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
October – Intimacy after Baby, Postpartum Depression, Navigating Transitions with Kids (Welcoming New Babies, Moving, Big Changes), Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day (Oct. 15th)/Awareness Month
November – Emotional Intelligence, De-coding Baby’s Cues, Teamwork & Communication in Parenting, National Adoption Awareness Month/World Adoption Day (Nov. 9th)
December – Family Traditions, Setting Boundaries as a Mom (Boundaries for others, boundaries for within the family), Battling Fear

This space is free of any kind of judgement, shaming, guilt, competition, divisive behavior, disparaging words, and profit-motivated promotion.

Kindred Mom is focused primarily on providing encouragement and resources to moms. If you have a product or service you believe will serve our readers, please contact us for information about advertising opportunities. Submissions that clearly plug a product or service will not be accepted.


*Updated 5/25/17

Essays must be original and not posted anywhere else, including your own blog. We have made a few exceptions to this for outstanding writing from relatively unknown writers on our specific monthly topics, but if you submit something that you have previously posted on your blog (or elsewhere), please note it clearly with your submission and include a link to the original post.

Successful essays are those that reflect skilled writing, share vulnerably from your own experience, have been proofread by someone who can catch the major spelling and grammar mistakes, speak to our target audience, and embody the heart behind the Kindred Mom community.

From experience, our team has noticed patterns in the essays that resonate most with us. The strongest entries are typically those that are vulnerable, full of rich details, do not try to cover too much in a short space, and really drive home a single hero line/idea/encouragement for the mom that might resonate with the story you share. We do typically request some minor edits to finalize essays that are shared on Kindred Mom. Because of time, we sometimes have to decline essays that we like but require too much editing. It is our hope to avoid any “so-so” feeling after reading an essay, and we love when an essay draws us into the details, lets us feel what you are feeling, and sends us away with a gem of hope/encouragement in there somewhere.

The past several months we have received a high volume of submissions, and in response, we have necessarily become selective about the essays we can feature. Even if your essay is not selected, we deeply value your contributions to this community.

Please submit only one essay per month for consideration.

Essays should be between 600-1200 words.

We encourage you to have someone proofread your essay before submitting it. We often request small changes from writers before publishing an essay, and strive to make that an encouraging and easy process for everyone.

Please do not submit an essay under an alias. If privacy is a concern for you, please make note of it in your submission and if we choose to publish your essay, we will be in touch about how to properly credit you and also maintain your privacy.

You do not need to have a blog, nor do you need to be an experienced writer in order to submit, but we do value artful, vulnerable, and skillful writing over thoughts that are cliché or generic.

We receive submissions from anyone who has a well-written essay that fits with our vision, and would love to hear from ‘regular moms’.

We will source photos to accompany your essay if it is featured. If you have a photo that you have taken yourself that you feel is a good fit to accompany your essay, please make note of it in your submission and we’ll request it from you for consideration after your essay is accepted. Please do not supply a photo that is sourced from somewhere else. Original photos are all that we’re able to consider at this time.

It is very helpful for us if your name, email, and a suggested title for your piece appears at the top of your essay in the field that you paste your submission into. If you do not have a title to offer, feel free to put (Title TBD).

Every featured post will be credited and linked (when applicable) to the author’s blog, and on the date an essay is published on Kindred Mom, we would love for the author to post an excerpt on their blog and/or social media platforms linking to the full post.

Please note the deadline for consideration within a specific month is the 10th day of the previous month.

Thank you for sharing your thoughtful words with our community.


For March – submit by February 10th
For April – submit by March 10
For May – submit by April 10
For June – submit by May 10
For July – submit by June 10
For August – submit by July 10
For September – submit by August 10
For October – submit by September 10
For November – submit by October 10
For December – submit by November 10